Ticking the final things off our list for Havana – part 1

After a pretty painless drive back to Havana, except for the crab we squashed, we check into another casa meeting another lovely family, this one speaks English, so it's a little easier. We head on out to the Havana Casa de la Musica to see some live music. It's just after 5 when we walk in, weird entering a club so early, but that's when we told it started. While we wait for it to actually start, at 7pm, they have some video clips playing on big screens, everyone is up dancing, young and old….it's a real party atmosphere, people are literally dancing everywhere all around all the tables set up.

Finally the live music starts, it's a bit hit and miss, with some songs sounding ok, but I didn't like some, also cause they in Spanish they are a little hard to understand….ok, I didn't understand a single word! They also had some dancers on the dance floor, eventually the crowd took over the dance floor as they ran out of room dancing in and around all the tables.

Next morning we have a few 'must do' in Havana items planned for the day…..first was a taxi tour in a convertible old car.


A pink car was not our choice as such, it certainly stands out. The drive took us all over town, below is plaza de la Revolution.

After out taxi tour we headed to Calleja de Hamel a cute little lane way with lots of artwork made out of scraps and paintings on walls, on Sundays they have a rumba musical festival.



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