Ticking the final things off our list for Havana – part 2

From here we started to explore the Central area of Havana, where you can see a little glimpse of the Cubans lives.

They have an area called Chino Bamino, China Town…… But only remnants of an old china town still exists, a few restaurants and that's about it.

After a very long and hot walk, we need some lunch…..I've said it before, and I'll say it again, food not great in Cuba, so when you find a good place you go back….this was our fav place in Havana for food by far. Below is the yummiest dish ever, a salsa with chorizo over potatoes……yummmmm. (The waiter even remembered us and what we ordered the day before)

Next thing to tick of our list was a daiquiri at the famous Ernest Hemingway bar called Floridita…..it was air conditioned and the daiquiri was iced……if I have to! Cheers to Hemingway!

Really wished he would have looked at the camera………celebrities, it's all about them!

Next on our must do list is a cocktail at the Hotel Nacional to watch the sunset…..gee these are some really difficult things to do! We walk up along Malecon to the hotel, such a pretty road. As its getting cooler a lot of the locals our out along the waterfront, swimming, fishing and hanging out enjoying the cooler evening.

Our last night in Havana, we had a shocking dinner, but while walking home came across a man selling churros….this made up for it

On our last morning in Havana we head out quickly in the morning to a chocolate museum for some morning tea……it's more a shop than a museum, but they sold chocolate that's what mattered. The hot chocolate was yummy, the chocolate cigar not so much.

Well that's the end of our time in Cuba, 8 nights and 7 days, we certainly did and saw a lot. Cuba certainly was a challenge for us, we both where pretty much sick with upset stomachs the whole time we in Cuba, which is never fun at the best of times, let alone when traveling, but it didn't stop us from loving this country.

The food was nothing to talk about, but we knew that before hand, however, the country and its people are lovely, very little English, but Claudia's Spanish/Italian helped a lot.

It was both refreshing and frustrating to not have access to wifi or even our phones while in Cuba, but kind of reminded us both of how it was to travel when we both first went back packing. Life is so much easier now with wifi.

It will be very interesting to see how it all changes once the US trade embargo is lifted, I truly hope that Cuba still manages to keep what's unique about it, and prosper as a country again, but not become too commercial with Starbucks and McDonald's on every corner.



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