Beach, cocktails and yummy food….life is tough!

We have been here in Tulum Mexico for 5 nights now, it's been a very relaxing few days. Our cabana is literally on the beach, and i can see the ocean from my bed……yep life is tough!

The weather has been rather mixed while we here, the first few days where extremely hot and humid, then it was overcast one day, then rained part of another, but in between all of that the sun has been shinning and we been having plenty of cocktails and guacamole on the beach.

Below is our cabana…….so cute

Below is the beach side bar……

We did manage to leave the beach……promise! We hired bikes one day and rode to the Tulum Ruins, which are right on the beach. Saw plenty of lizards all over the place.

The ride was a challenge…..the bike was not in the best condition, so 20km was pretty hard work, but its a pretty cute area in Tulum along the beach, it's literally one road with all the hotels, bar and restaurants along it.

We stopped for lunch on the way back…..had a drink with our friend the lamp! When we asked the waitress for Corona, she said do we won't 3….no just 2……mmm she laughed and said she thought the lamp on the table was a person….mmmmmm!

All along the freeway from Cancun airport to Tulum where police check points, apparently this is a known drug trafficking route, this one as on the road in Tulum beach.

Another day we went to visit one of the Cenotes in the area and went snorkeling. Was very pretty, the water was cold, but so so clear.

We also saw some cute little turtles

We also had a lot of yummy food in Tulum……well and truly making up for the food in Cuba. On our last night here together, we went to the very popular Hartwood. You have to go to the restaurant at 2pm on the day you want a booking and book for that night….we got there at 1:50, about 15 people already in the que, we got one of the last bookings. The food was amazing….well worth the time away from the beach in the afternoon to make the booking.

Sadly, I said goodbye to Claudia this morning, she is on her way back home, and I know start the next part of my trip, I head to Player Del Carmen today to start me tour to Belize and Guatemala, looking forward to the next part of the adventure. But right now the beach is calling my name, so must go relax some more.



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