Playing in Player Del Carmen

Next on the itinerary is Player Del Carmen, I not really a fan, especially after coming from the relaxing coastal town in Tulum, this place is very touristic. I actually don't have any photos of around town. I decided to head out of town and go to Akumal Beach….where you can swim with turtles…..I was a little excited!

Caught a local bus called a collectivo out to the beach, they just a mini van, and they wait till they are full then you simply say where you want to get off.

The beach was beautiful, crowded but you get that when you can just walk off the beach, go for a little snorkel and swim with sea turtles. Sadly, my camera broke when we in Cuba so I can no longer use it as a waterproof camera……to say I am unhappy about this is an understatement, i have waterproof bandaids holding it together, but i not sure that will work…….lol, and i have been to 3 camera shops here to try buy a new one….none, nothing, zip…..but moving on! So I saw stingrays, star fish, little fish, a really huge fish, seaweed….oh and turtles! I also got bitten by two crabs….ouch!

Was feeling pretty hungry so headed off to get food, while waiting for food, I fainted…..not a great experience when your alone, but I had a whole crowd of people come over and assist me. After sorting myself out I got back on the bus and headed off to see another cenote…..these are all just so beautiful.

Meet up with my tour group for dinner, and then went out for a few drinks….that's a litre of mojito…….yummmm.

Tomorrow we leave for Belize…..can't wait!




2 responses to “Playing in Player Del Carmen

  1. Claudia

    Oh no still no solution for the camera? Glad to hear the swimming with turtles was worth it even if it did cost you a couple of crab bites! Luca will love that!!

  2. Phil

    Hope you are feeling better after your faint. The trip is looking amazing. Enjoy Belize.

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