I think I am in love…….

An early start today, and a full travel day leaving Mexico and heading to Belize. Our trip will involve, private bus, chicken bus, taxi and then a water taxi…..yep back to the beach we go. A chicken bus is an old American school bus, it's called a chicken bus because they jam everyone on like chickens.

After a full day we arrive in paradise……worth every minute of the 4 hours on the hot bus sticking to the seats and having reggae music blasting. We are at Caye Caulker a very small island off the coast of Belize City…aka my new love! The people are so friendly and relaxed here, I love it. We head out to watch the sunset at the split, a spot where the island was spit in two and has a bar where you can swim and watch the sun set.

After dinner we had a shot on a bamboo swing…..the start of a night of fun which included drinking a beer in a hammock….yep love this island.

Next morning we headed out for a snorkeling tour of the barrier reef, second largest in the world after Australia's……I hired a Go Pro so I could get some photos underwater, wow this was awesome. Photos are not great, but we snorkeled at three different sites, one being called Shark and Ray Alley…..yep I swam with sharks, heaps of them.

The boat ride was also so beautiful, the water is so crystal clear and the most beautiful colours of blue and turquoise. We sailed back slowly after snorkeling and drank rum punch and partied to reggae music.

Yet another sunset…..still in love with this island, I not sure I am going to want to leave

Went out for a few drinks at a reggae bar…..followed by a midnight dip in the ocean……it's still hot, was so refreshing.




5 responses to “I think I am in love…….

  1. Claudia

    Looks like paradise there babe! I don’t know whether to be happy you’re so happy, or sad because I’m back here. Luca was horrendous today so I had a terrible Mothers Day – wish I could have stayed with you!

  2. Phil

    Looks like an amazing place Renee. You must be having a great time

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