Sad, crazy and hot in Belize

Very sadly we left Caye Caulker this morning……sniff sniff, a water taxi back to Belize City and into another chicken bus…..gonna be another hot journey. As we flying along, I am sitting up the back of the bus and I hear a loud bang, I turn around to see that the door at the back of the bus was flying open and then looked down the road and saw a backpack on the road…….shit stop!!!!, stop the bus a bag has fallen out……bus is so loud the driver either not hearing or chose not to stop, eventually with half the bus yelling he stopped, by this stage we at least 1km down the road……conductor rans back down the road to get pack…..comes back empty handed……after a very nervous wait while we did a role call of all the bags, while the bus drove off, it turned out one of the girls on our tours bag had been lost…..our guide made the bus stop so she could go back to try find it, but no luck, was gone…..horrible feeling of relief that it wasn't my bag, but horrible feeling for the girl who just lost almost everything she had with her. A rather subdued trip to our next location of San Ignacio after this.

We arrive and go for a much needed dip in the river just near where we staying in an Eco lodge, pretty basic facilities, totally in the jungle, so pretty cool spot, but still f'en hot!


Next morning a few of us head off to go caving…….so excited, really been looking forward to this. We hiked in for about 30 mins through the rainforest and arrived at the cave.

This is no normal walk through cave, we literally have to climb, crawl, squeeze and twist our way though the smallest gaps, that if you looked at them you would think you reached the end, but suddenly our guide, disappears through a tinny crack and then we have to follow…..was awesome!

As well as the fun of clambering around the cave, the actual cave itself was really amazing, it's called the Crystal Cave, non of the photos show the true beauty of the cave, but one of the best things on this trip.

The cave had only been open to tours for a few years, it has a number of Mayan remains, skulls and pottery all left in the cave as sacrifices and offerings

We very hot and sweaty afterwards and covered in mud…….loved it

Needed a dip in the near by Blue Hole… was beautiful, but I was so hot I would have swam in anything.




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