Cruising on the water

We get to Rio Dolce and then need to take a boat over to our Eco Lodge which is built over the water, really cute little place.

Get up early the next day to do a sunrise kayaking around the jungle and to see the monkies.

Was so peaceful sitting in the kayaks on the water watching the monkies playing as the sun was rising

Rio dolce is near the biggest lake in Guatamale and so the water is a big part of the lives of the locals here, using it to transport water and wood up and down the river.

After b'fast a few of us took a boat along the river down to a town called Kingston, the trip is more about the journey than the destination. We stopped first in the town to get some supplies was a busy town, with lots of things going on in the streets.

Mangoes out the back of a ute….straight from the farm, and cheap as!

We went past the old fort, saw many houses along the water and wild life, seeing the locals living in the river, was a really awesome trip

Some local children came up to our boat to sell us things they had made

On the way we also stopped at a local school, which also has a number of orphans living at it, we had a tour by one of the volunteers. It was family day at the school so al the children where doing performances for their parents, was so very cute.

Such a simple and happy life they live, a lot to learn from this……

Kingston itself was not much of a town, but had a very yummy fish coconut curry soap for lunch



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