Guatemala…..last country of the trip

Early the next morning we cross the border into Guatemala, on the way to Flores we visit the largest Mayan Ruins called Tikal.

Saw heaps of ants carrying leaves along the paths as we walked around the grounds…..a sign that the weather is going to change, lucky for us it did cool down….a bit!

There was also a large number of monkeys playing round in the tress all around the ruins


We arrive at Flores not long before sunset, after a stop for lunch, Flores is on the second largest lake in Guatemala, the lakes overflowing at the moment so some piers and streets are under water.

They use tuk tuk's here in Guatemala

Since entering Guatemala have noticed a very strong police/military presence, most with some serious weapons.

Dinner was pizza and beer…..seriously only so much rice and beans I can eat…..was good pizza too!

Next morning we on the move again, on the way we stop at waterfall for a swim, it's bizarre as the water at the bottom of the waterfall is cold, yet the water coming down the waterfall is not…..really hot. But was a great place for some lunch and a swim.

We head back to the bus to discover we have a flat battery, after trying to jump start with an old ute, we end up pushing it and starting it.

Success…..back on the road again and of to our next destination of Rio Dolce



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