Salsa, beer, rum and Volcanoes in Antigua

Mmmm 7 hours on the bus…..this will be fun…..finally we arrive in Antigua, such a cute little town. Tonight we have a salsa class……rum is needed to loosen up the hips prior to our class.

Dinner and then out to a salsa bar to put our new dance moves into action, lots of the local boys ask us to dance, was such great fun. A few of us then went on to a bar that was open after hours, had to check coast was clear before we entered and exited, however, the cops just sat in car up the road watching anyway!


Next morning with some sore heads we take a walking tour around town

A lot of the buildings have damage from volcanoes eruptions

Antigua is surrounded by volcanoes, including Fuego, which is an active volcano that erupts all the time, you can see them from the streets as you walking around, we even saw an eruption this morning, just didn't get a photo.

Visited the local market, like all markets sold everything and anything


Ahhhh time for some shopping, but not before some lunch, ice cold beer on a hot day, nothing beats it. Even saw some of the champions league game. The place we went to had the biggest sauce range I have ever seen.

In the afternoon we walked up to the cross on the hill to get an awesome view of the town



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