Final days…….I don’t wont this to end!

After our hike we head to another little town on the lake called San Juan, it's here we are introduced to a local family who each of us will stay with for the night. The family don't speak English and my Spanish is extremely basic, but looking forward to it.

We go visit some of the local community projects in town, weaving, natural medicines and paintings. Those that know me well, will know my love of scarfs, it was extremely hard to only buy one from this place, they showed us how they prepare the cotton from plant to final product, the scarf I bought would have taken 6 days to make…..just amazing.

I was lucky enough to meet the two ladies that made the two items that I bought….shame I had my eyes closed!

The family I am staying with are just lovely, below are some photos of their house, we help them with dinner, I not any good at making tortillas….I made sure I ate mine as they uneven and not exactly round! It's hard due to the language barrier, but the other girl staying at the same family as me, speaks Spanish, so she translates, which helps, but I wish I could have communicated more myself.

We wake up early to walk up to the view point to watch the sunrise….these early mornings are killing me!

Not the best photo as it was some distance away, but below is Fuego erupting

We take the boat back across the lake to then take bus back to Antigua for the last night of our tour….sniff sniff, going to be really hard to leave this area of the world, and the awesome people I have meet in my tour group

It's the birthday of one of the girls in our tour, so we have cake and pre drinks before heading out for one final night as a group.

Have had such an awesome time on this tour, the group of people where awesome, certainly have some awesome memories of this trip and also the great people I experienced it with

It's with great sadness that I say goodbye to everyone the next morning i feel like i have made some great new friends, am sad that i not continuing on the journey with them all and also that i may not see some of them again, but they helped make the trip so fantastic and i have great memories of all of them.

So i start what will turn out to be the longest trip home ever…….delayed at Guatemala City airport for 3 hours, which means I miss connection in Houston, so put on another flight, should still make my melb connection, but no the plane is delayed again leaving the Tarmac. Land in Houston miss my flight and can't get on next one….in fact she says no seats left at all out of Houston to LA, but then suddenly one comes up, but means will have to over night in LA. So after 18 hours I finally arrive in LAX…….flight time during this 18 hours was only 5 hours….so that meant I spent a lot of time in lines sorting out connecting flights and sitting in waiting lounge.

Oh well, get given lemons, make lemonade, so I head on down to Santa Monica and hit the shops.

Also got to catch up with a friend in LA for dinner, she took me on a scenic drive around south beach, including the Canals in Venice beach


So after an epic 52 hours since I left everyone at the hotel in Antigua I arrive home……oh the sight of my bed was awesome…..crashed!

So that's it for another travel bog guys, hope you have all enjoyed it…..think I might re read it all now and remember again all the awesome things I have seen and done on this trip….Central America, I will be back!

See you all very soon…..missed you all!



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