And so the adventure begins…..

Wow, what started as a crazy idea to go overseas for a big trip has actually happened, here I am starting a trip which will have me exploring 15 countries in 15 weeks!!! 

I sat at the airport with real mixed emotions…..holy shit I am really doing this, scared, anxious, sad, excited and full of optimisium of the amazing adventure I was about to undertake. Oh and tired, getting up at 5am never agrees with me lol!

Right 14 hours to LA…..don’t panic I’m not about to tell you about 14 hours staring at the back of the chair in front of me…..but I did chuckle when the stewardess announced that due to US aviation regulations you are not aloud to congregate in groups in galleys or aisles……dam there goes my idea to have a party at the back of the plane!

After arriving in LA I had some much needed sleep before heading down to Santa Monica and hired a bike to ride along the beach…..yep I’m on holiday baby!


You really do see the Californian lifestyle along the beach, you name it they are doing it, gym, basketball, boxing, dancing, some balancing thing on elastic, running and even some guys playing roller hockey in the car park.



Venice beach is a little up from Santa Monica, very touristic here, but still great to people watch and cruise along on the bike




Just nearby is the Venice Canals…..this area is so beautiful, if I had millions I’d buy a place here for sure.



It’s impossible to see these life saver stands and not think of pammie and the hoff in tight red bathers running down the beach in slow motion

Next day I was off to Guatamale. And the curse of LAX hits me again (2 times I have now been delayed here for 24 hours), this time we sat on the plane for only 2.5 hours at LAX as the planes handbrake wasn’t working.  Literally just made my connecting flight in Dallas….literally I had to run, catch skylink and run again…..last to board, asked will my luggage make it?..?? Yep it’s international so they have to wait for it… yep we sat and waited about 20 mins for my luggage, pilot “sorry we just waiting for last of the luggage to be loaded” …… Oops sorry everyone!

So, here I am now, back in Antigua, the place where my holiday ended last year. It feels very poetic to be back here at the start of my next adventure, I do love this little town.

Oh yes the chicken buses (above) such memories from last year. The guys were very happy to pose and wave as I took the photo.

So I am here now for a week, going to a Spanish school, classes start tomorrow. I am staying with a local family in town, along with 2 German boys and 2 Swiss boys. I am certainly going to need to learn Spanish quick smart, as family speak no English. Luckily the boys speak English to help me out.


PS  sorry if you got multiple notifications, I have had major issues getting my blog sorted, the app I normally use no longer works and finding another to use has proved to be more difficult then it should! 



11 responses to “And so the adventure begins…..

  1. Carlos

    Cannot wait to read all about this one – enjoy Renee 🙂

  2. Claudia

    Hello Nay Nay! Yay more travel adventures! Luca says “I hope you enjoy your trip. I started karate last Saturday. I hope you can come to karate one day with me. I wish you could stay in Australia. XOXOXO. Is it bedtime yet?”

  3. Claire

    Been checking on here each day and today it’s refreshed! Your photos look fab Renee and sounds like your having a great time, keep the updates coming!
    Claire xx

    • Hello lovely, yeah first few days really spent traveling so not much to blog about. I’m now in Spanish classes every morning and studying in the afternoon, so next post will be in a few days. If you set yourself up to follow my blog you will get an email notification when I update it, click follow down bottom right of blog and add email. Hope all is good for you guys xx

  4. Victoria

    Looks like you’re having a great time! Take care and keep blogging xx

  5. Natalie

    Awesome start Renee. Straight into it. Get absorbed and enjoy! I will have Tolliver my travels thru your blog so keep them coming! Xx

  6. Geoff

    Does that really say Bikini rentals? I wouldn’t advise that! Oh and I think it’s called ‘slack roping’ or something like that…Have fun!

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