Hola. Hablas espanol? ………mmmm no speak Spanish, yet!

So one of the things I wanted to achieve on this trip was to learn to speak Spanish, all be it the very basics.  A friend recommended a Spanish school here in Antigua to me last year and so I thought I would give it a go.

Get to the office on day one and meet my teacher, it’s one teacher per student, so this poor lady has to try get this Aussie with no languistics skills, some would argue my English is some what creative, to speak Spanish.  She starts saying a whole lot of stuff to me in Spanish as we walk to our classroom…..I won’t lie, the thought, OMG what was I thinking ran through my head, but luckily she also speaks a little English.

Our classroom, if you want to call it that is a local park, lovely and shady from the hot sun.   We literally grab a table and chairs and find a spot in amongst the plants.  My teachers name is Anabeli, she is lovely.

Classes start at 8am…..yep believe it or not I am up and at my table at 8am….ok maybe by 8:05am, but it’s the German boys fault we running late in the morning…..honest.  The school is totally supported by local families, with all the students staying in houses with a local family and all the teachers being locals.  

They also don’t miss an opportunity to sell you something, with a small shop in the park set up for all the students selling really cheap food.  Cost me just over $1 for the two tacos……and they where pretty yummy too.  The second picture is chicken taco…..just .53 cents, should have got more than one!

While my teacher does speak some English she only uses Spanish to talk about all the grammar rules, like for regular verbs, adjectives, past and present tense, so half the time I am trying to understand what she is saying when she says….. Sin subjecto definido expressa existencia en general, sustantantivos, article indefinido y numberos……argh yep ok?!?!  I not sure that I actually ‘know’ the grammar rules for English, well not to explain the rules anyway.  

It’s very tiring doing 5 hours of 1:1 Spanish lessons, I have needed a siesta the last few days……could be a little jet lag, but 5 hours of intense concentration is pretty exhausting.  I even get given home work.   Had to translate the below sentences last night, she corrected today, I think I actually did ok.

So I have had 4 days of classes now, can I speak Spanish……..no, not that I expected to by the way, but do I have a whole lot of notes to help me over the next few weeks while I am still in Central America, yes!  One more class tomorrow, maybe it will all come together tomorrow…….ok mayb not, as my teacher and my family here keep saying to me “mas practica”….more practice!

Adios amigos.  


7 responses to “Hola. Hablas espanol? ………mmmm no speak Spanish, yet!

  1. Geoff

    OMG…well done you! I’d love to do something like that but I’m a big fraidy-cat…Have fun!

  2. Kyri

    Love it! I’d almost be happy to go back to school if that was my class room and canteen food choice! Ola 2 tacos perfavor…see easy 🙂

  3. Yummo to the food. Keep living life to the fullest … as we both so recently know you only get one go at it!

  4. Claudia

    Very impressed by all the Spanish words in your blog. I think you’re learning more than you think. You might be fluent in a month!

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