Mi familiar y Antigua de la ciudad 

So I have now been living with my local family here in Antigua for a week, for the most part it has been lovely, the language barrier has created a few misunderstandings, but it’s amazing how the international sign language for upset stomach was very clearly understood without a word of Spanish, or English for that matter.  Yep been taken down by travelers stomach already, wouldn’t be a trip without it!

Lucky for me the house I am staying in has an amazing view of both the volcanoes so while drinking ginger tea, eating saladas and waiting for drugs to work, this was my view.

The house itself is pretty standard, if your ignore that the furniture is made from pellets.  I spent many hours studying on those couches and balcony, clearly no oh&s! 

The family don’t actually stay here at the house, so we students have the place to ourselves, the family just comes and cooks our meals….yep sweet deal, for the price it feels like robbery. Having said that, dinner portions and content where on the light side. Lunch seemed to be the main meal here, so dinner was often a vegetable….that’s not a typo…singular….a vegetable. One night was mash potatoe….mmmmmmmm, for the price I paid I can’t complain, but after the first nights dinner I got snacks to subliment it. 

Sadly, I didn’t actually get any photos of the family as I left today without seeing them, but I did leave them a note, in Spanish……hope it makes sense lol.

Although I have been to Antigua before I still love exploring this town, it’s just such a cute little place.  It’s not safe to walk alone at night time, so most nights have been spent relaxing in my lounge or on my balcony watching the volcanoes.

Oh and the craziness of the bus station and all the chicken buses.  It seems like buses are constantly coming and going here.

This is the view from the McDonald’s court yard, almost enough to make me eat there…..nah, photo is enough.

Antigua is surrounded by active volcanoes, with one having a major eruption the day before I arrive, the German buys said they could see lava…..dam it!!!  But it did still have a few minor eruptions while I was here, it does this all the time. Photos from last night and again this morning.

Lots of the local ladies walk around carrying things on there heads, it never ceases  to amaze me, I managed to get this photo of one lady carrying a box, yep, a box!

My papa told me not to walk the streets on the weekend with a backpack, in Spanish and hand gestures he advised me that people will slash my bag and grab my stuff……mmmmm I have to get from my families home to my hotel tour starting point, yep one side of town to another…….ill be alright!!  I noticed yesterday plenty of armed security around town so pretty sure papa just being concerned for me, well I’m writing this post so I made it, no drama.

As I mentioned it’s not safe at all to walk the streets at night time alone, and they also suggest not in small groups, last night all the other students in my house where out of town, so I was home alone, I could hear a live concert happening in the main square…..was thinking shame would love to check it out, but then I heard a Spanish cover band sing Justin Berber……yep I am happy right here lol

I meet my tour group tonight, I am ready for the next part of my trip now, will be sad to leave Antigua, last year when I left here I knew I’d be back, but this time I don’t think I will be here again, but you just never now. 


One response to “Mi familiar y Antigua de la ciudad 

  1. Claire

    Crickey mate! Active volcanos!

    Looks like you’re having a great time chick, stay safe and stay away from them beliebers!

    Much love xx

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