Hola Honduras

Have started my tour now, after a night in Antigua, we set off early in the morning bound for Honduras, one of the most dangerous countries in Central America, however the town we are heading to isn’t very dangerous, well so our tour leader says, they rely on tourists for income so – don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

It was a long bus ride, including the boarder crossing it took us 8 hours to arrive at Copan, a town not far from the Guatemala border and known for its Mayan ruins.

The town itself is tiny, literally walk 5 or so streets from the town Centre and you on the outskirts of town. But a really cute little town, only negative is the hills, and of course our hotel it at the top of one!

Like all towns they had a busy market which sold everything and anything.

After a long day, looking forward to hitting the pillow and getting a good nights sleep…….but that didn’t exactly go to plan, firstly my room mate was snoring…..loudly, but that wasn’t that bad as was tired so feel asleep…..until around 4:30am when the rooster right outside our room decided to start crowing, and crowing and crowing, finally it stopped, argh back to sleep, until around 5:15am….yep it started crowing again, then all the birds started getting in on the act, including a wood pecker…..omg are you serious!!  Then the cafe started making smoothies so had the blender going, it’s 6am people….seriously!

After giving up on the whole sleeping idea headed off to see the Mayan Ruins, they are about a 1km walk out of town.  Not as impressive as some of the ruins I saw last year, but still pretty cool.

The Copan ruins are famous for all of the carvings that they have uncovered in the area and how well preserved they are.

The Macaw birds can be seen flying all around the grounds, such beautiful birds, so colorful, especially when you see them up in the trees.

After walking around the ruins for a few hours it was getting pretty bloody hot, it was only 10am but was in the 30’s and high humidity.  I head back to the hotel to chill out before we get back on the bus again to head to our next country El Salvador.  It really felt like a long way to come to get to Honduras to be leaving so quickly, but I got the stamp in the passport so another country off the list!

Am currently in El Salvador, will post a blog about here shortly. 


One response to “Hola Honduras

  1. Sue van Buuren

    Wow! looks great. Glad all is going well, aside from noisy roosters!
    take care,
    Sue vb

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