Off to El Salvador we go

Back on the bus again in the morning, we head back into Guatemala and drive down to the boarder of El Salvaddor, after a brief delay caused by the immigration lady thinking the lady in our tour from South Korea was from North Korea, we enter into El Salvador, you can notice the difference slightly between the two countries, as the roads are a little better and cleaner in El Salavdor.  The country and economy is recovering from the conflict in the recent past and with the US dollar being the legal currency its more stable than its Central American neighbours.

We arrived in a little town called Suchitoto, a colonial town that was saved from being bombed in the 90’s due to one of the more wealthier residents having knowledge of the planned night the town was to be bombed, he called up the philharmonic orchestra to come and perform in the town on that night, he then rang and invited all the diplomatic reps of foreign countries to attend.  He then rang the military planning to bomb the town and advised them of the event he had organized, so to avoid a political nightmare the bombing was cancelled.  It was rescheduled but by this time almost all the local towns had been bombed and destroyed so he argued the town should be saved and that it now had historical importance, and cause of his position in society and connections it was saved.

Just out of town we saw an amazing rock formation, reminded me of the giants causeway in Ireland.

We then went and visited a local legend in a gorgeous 97 year old who had been rolling cigars for 85 years.  She on average rolls 250 cigars a day, she would earn $12 a day, she only works 4 hours a day now.  The art of cigar rolling is slowly dying out due to the time it takes and the low income.

Her house was set up like most in that all the living areas are set up along the corridors around the garden in the middle of the house, this is due to the heat.

The town is near a large lake that has a huge bird life population, unfortunately I had a migraine and so slept the day away so didn’t make it down to the lake, but did get some shots from a vantage point in town.

We went to a local restaurant for dinner and tried the local dish called pupusas, which is a tortilla stuffed with what ever you like, I had sausage and jalapeño and the second with chicken and veg, they really yummy and cost $1 each.  We also tried a shot of a local favourite called chaparro, like a tequila shot with a sugar coated lime chaser…..yummmmy.

Liked this little town, was very quiet, it’s the low season here, so tourists are minimal, but it kind of just added to the charm of the town, all the locals where so friendly, but then I guess we are an income to them, so you are always nice to the boss, lol!!

Next stop is the beach……bring it on baby!


One response to “Off to El Salvador we go

  1. Loving reading all your adventures! Like a mini holiday. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for the birthday message too, Rita xx

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