Surfs up in El Salvador

Next destination in El Salvador is a cute little beach town called El Tunco, well known for the great surf, it’s a black sand beach due to all the volcanoes, was a little overcast when we arrived so first impressions not great of the beach.  It’s your typical beachside town, cafes, bikini shops and I scream shops, oh and surfers waking around everywhere, yep as I said cute town!!!

After a walk around town, which was literally two streets, I decided to hang by the pool for the afternoon and read in a hammock.  It’s really hot here, the humidity is really high, the pool was rather hot but still felt nice to be in the water, as too the ice cold beer!

After a very relaxing afternoon it was time for dinner, we headed to a restaurant down on the beach, i went for the grilled snapper……this whole snapper cost $10 usd, a total bargain and it was delicious too.

After dinner went for a walk along the beach, little better at night time, I think it’s just black sand beaches not as pretty as white sand.

Was a little clearer this morning so got a few more snaps of the beach, might be great surf, but not the prettiest beach I’ve ever seen.


4 responses to “Surfs up in El Salvador

  1. Claudia and Luca

    Hi Nay Nay! Luca sends cuddles.

  2. Claire

    hola chica , amante de sus imágenes y vivir la historia sobre el chico que yhe y orquesta ! muy divertido. se puede ver que tiene un tiempo increíble ! mantener a los mensajes que viene. P.s Wayne dice hola xx

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