Adios El Salvador, hola Nicaragua

Mmmmm a 6am start with a 12 hour travel day ahead of me after 3-4-1 margaritas last night…..mmmmmm this is going to be a long day!  We take a bus to the Gulf of Fonseca where we take a boat to get to Nicaragua.  Was a two hour boat ride, where we then arrived into Nicaragua.  The port we docked was in the middle of now where, literally a shed on the coast, never arrived into a country like this before. 

After many hours we finally arrive in our next town of Granada, a Spanish influenced colonial town on Lake Nicaragua. Nicaragua has many volcanoes which makes for a really striking horizon as you drive through the the country, 7 of these volcanoes are active. After a much needed beer or two I take a quick walk around town, mainly to get the legs moving after a long day sitting on my arse.

The next day we have a tour to take us around to some of the main sites of Granada, one of our first stops was at a fortress which provided an amazing look out point over the area, and also gave us a great view of the very active volcano called Masya, it’s a little hard to see in the photos but it was blowing smoke in the distance.  

The body of water below is a Lagon of Masya, was caused by the volcano.

After a brief stop in the obligatory visitor information Centre which outlines the history and all things Masya volcano, we get back on the bus to head up to see the volcano and most excitingly red hot lava.  You are only aloud to stay at the top of the crater for 5 mins due to the gases coming from the lava.  This was most definitely a pretty cool thing to see, and we where lucky as they only opened it again to visitors a few months ago due to all the activity in the volcano.

The photo below shows the lava from the most recent huge eruption that occurred in 2008, it shows how the lava flowed over the very top of the eater and down the side of the volcano.

 After seeing lava in a volcano it’s going to be hard to top that with the next stop of the tour, but taking a swim in the Lagon of the volcano was a pretty close second, firstly because it’s so bloody hot and humid any chance to swim is welcomed, but secondly it was a really pretty Lagon.

Next was a stop at a market in a near by town, yep this did not in anyway compare to lava, but it was a lovely building, same old same old of souvenirs etc

Last avticity of the day was a sunset/booze cruise along lake Nicaragua, we started on the bus with a local rum punch drink called Macua.

The cruise was a lovely way to end the day.

The smoke in the distance is from the volcano

After the cruise we went back to our hotel to finish off the punch, mmmmm what time we leaving tomorrow??? Oh good mid morning yep give me another please, or two or three… had fruit juice in it, I just making sure my vitamin c levels are ok!

Had some time the next morning, after a slow start to the day thanks to the punch of the punch…lol yep sorry that was a bad joke, so went out and explored the town some more, really is just so cute, with horse and cart used by locals to transport people and goods, along with some set up for tourists.  Really enjoyed walking around and seeing all the houses all colorfully painted, made a ‘friend’ with one of the locals chatting and “following” me for a few blocks, in my efforts to loss him, I also got a little lost.  Lucky the town has a huge volcano up one end so this was very useful point of reference to help get me back on track.

Back on the bus and heading to our next town in Nicaragua, do so love this part of the world.


One response to “Adios El Salvador, hola Nicaragua

  1. Claire

    Renee, I would very much like to have seen a photo of your friend 😄 xx

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