Next is a volcano dominated Ometepe island

Another early start, another bus trip and another water crossing, this time on a ferry taking us over to an island called Ometepe in Nicaragua.  The ferry ride over provided us with an amazing view of the two volcanoes that are Ometepe island, Conception and Madera, with Conception being the biggest and also active.

It is a tiny little island, with Conception Volcano dominating the skyline, you can see if from most spots on the island.  The photo below is actually smoke coming out of it, it looks like cloud, but it’s not….I promise

We are staying at a place right on the water, not a bad view. Was lovely to sit back on the balcony and over look the water.

I went for a walk around a nature reserve just near our accommodation, was walking around with a stray dog joining me to keep me company, it became very protective, barked at our tour leader when he approached me, but it was a short lived romance, as the dog soon found another to get attention from.

The next morning we hiked part way up Madera volcano, it was a very hot and humid (aka very sweaty) 1.5 hour hike up, the view of Conception was slightly covered by cloud, so not as spectacular as hoped, but still an amazing view of the island.

After our short hike we headed to have lunch, I took up my favourite position, lounging in a hammock, oh with a beer, I really want a hammock back home, but mind you it wouldn’t have this view.

Nor will it have Brown Vine snakes dropping from the palm tree above……this got a few people moving pretty quickly to get out of its way.

Next was a very welcomed stop at a natural mineral spring, water was lovely

After a hard day of hiking, swinging in ahammock, avoiding dropping snakes and soaking in mineral pool, watched an amazing sunset and had dinner with some of the girls from my tour.  Afterwards our tour leader set up a bonfire, not that we needed the heat, it was still really hot, but was extremely relaxing lounging back and looking at the stars, with no lights you could see so many, it was beautiful.

We leave tomorow and head to Costa Rica……can’t wait!!!


2 responses to “Next is a volcano dominated Ometepe island

  1. Claire

    Some cracking photos here chick! good on ya xx

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