Costa Rica baby!!!

Next country….Costa Rica.  One of the sweatiest boarder crossings I’ve ever done.  Exited Nicaragua on foot, then walked the 300m to stand in a long que sweating like a pig, but after losing a few kilos in sweat we finally entered Costa Rica.  Our first town we staying in is Monteverde.  It’s a tiny little town in a cloud forest, which means cooler temperature, it was a very welcomed break from the heat.  A cloud forest is similar to a rain forest but it gets its water from … guessed it, the clouds which are semi permanately covering the region.

We went for a night walk in the forest, with the hope of spotting a Sloth.  Well luck was on our side, not only did we see 2 sloths, but we where lucky enough to see one climb down from the tree and take a poo.  Doesn’t sound very significant, but they only poo once a week, so it’s rare to see it. 

It was very hard to get photos as they a long way up in the trees and my photos of the pooing sloth didn’t work but you can see in this picture it’s hanging from the branch and reaching for leaves to eat.

We also saw side striped palm pit viper, birds and two armadillos, was amazing watching the sloth and exploring the forest at night time.  Not a great shot of the armadillo, it was moving pretty quickly.  Last photo below is two stick insects having intercourse.  

Next morning we head to Monteverde Cloudforest Biological Preserve to try spot some more animals.  The first half an hour we didn’t really see much, every time we thought we had seen something it was just a yellow leaf falling, we kept walking along looking, oh there is something, no it’s just another falling yellow leaf. Leaves 4, animals 0.  Eventually we started to spot more than just falling yellow leaves.  It was incredibly hard to get photos of the birds that we saw, but we saw heaps.

One of the other top things to do here is zip lining.  We did 10 different zip lines, they started out short, like 100m, but the longest was 2km long. Most of them you did by hanging in a seated position, but two, the longest two, are done in the superman position, so as you zoom across the valley you feel like you are flying.  The last one was called the Tarzan swing, basically you step off the edge and drop and then swing……it was amazing……such an adrenaline rush.  For a few seconds you are just falling without the sensation of the rope holding you, it’s a freaky sensation, but awesome, I screamed and laughed the whole time I was dropping and swinging.

Below is the suspension walk that you go out on to then step off the edge…..

After the huge adrenaline rush we headed out to dinner to watch some football match, wasn’t really watching but the venue lost power, so for about an hour we sat in darkness, just as we decided to leave, the power came back on and so we decided to stay.  Many hours, dancing and drinks later we got home, oh I am going to pay for that in the morning. They had fireball whiskey……..we had lots of shots, I suspect we drank most of that bottle.


One response to “Costa Rica baby!!!

  1. Morning, hope the hangover wasn’t too bad!!! The girls loved the photo with the lava in the volcanoe. So many interesting places! Looks like you are really in holiday mode now. Xx

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