Loving Costa Rica

Yep no doubt about it, the many shots of fireball whiskey last night certainly made the early start and bus trip a little rough….both how I was feeling and the road we drove.  I have to say it was probably one of the most stunning roads I’ve been on, it was literally km’s of winding rocky road through lush green countryside in the hills, was amazing, I wasn’t in a great spot to get a photo on a very bumpy drive, so this photo does it no justice at all.

Yet another boat, we again boarded in what seems like the middle of know where, and cruised across Lake Arenal, the lake was expanded to create a dam which meant two towns where relocated, the remains of these towns now sit sunken under the water.

La Fortuna is another tiny town, again it’s skyline is dominated by the volcano Arenal.  Not much in around the town centre, but view of Arenal is stunning.

We headed up to La Fortuna waterfall, I have to say this was one of the most spectacular waterfalls I’ve seen, ok well single waterfalls.  You can swim at the base, but can’t go under the waterfall, it’s really powerful, just standing in the water you could feel the power of the water, you had to really fight against it, was awesome.

Next morning we woke to a crystal clear sky, which made our view of Arenal really amazing. First photo below is taken from middle of town, second was out of town a bit and at a different angle which shows the two volcano funnels.

We went to a national park with a series if suspension bridges taking you through the park.

As we walked between each bridge we managed to see some of Costa Rica’s most deadly snakes, the photos aren’t great, they only 1-2m away, but lighting was poor,  and let’s face it, these are deadly snakes, this was close enough.  First is a eye lash palm pit viper  Second is a ferdelance viper.

We also saw funnelwebs, scorpion spider, blue jean poisonise dart frog and crested owls and this tiny tiny frog, it’s literally the size of my fingernail.

In the afternoon we headed to an eco reserve, here we managed to see heaps of animals, blue jean poisonise dart frog,  an owl butterfly, a Jesus Christ lizard (the ones that run on top of water), the last photo is of a caiman.  It a little hard to spot if you didn’t know to look, it’s on the log on side of water.

The day was already amazing, but we topped it off with a visit to a local spring, the area is famous for its natural spring water, it has expensive spa places everywhere, but our guide took us to a local spring which was free and totally in a natural enironment, was lovely and warm, great way to relax after the day and enjoy a cold beer.

Our friends we meet in Monteverde arrived in La Fortuna today so we went out for dinner, it was the yummiest ceviche I have had.  After we ate, the fireball whiskey came out again, mmmmm I feel another big night coming on.

Oh and it was……the biggest night of the trip, at one bar a local guy told the bar man he would pay for our drinks, cause we looked like we having fun, he paid and left….it wasn’t a cheap round, but hey salud!!!


One response to “Loving Costa Rica

  1. Natalie Alcock

    Awesome Renee. Looks amazing. So glad yr having a ball – making lots of memories you’ll have forever!!

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