On my way to San Jose

So not surprisingly after getting home at 4:30am the wake up call to get the bus was a very rude one, so dragged my sorry arse onto the bus and negotiated my hangover.  We are making a really bad habit of having big nights the night before a bus trip.

So not sure if it’s the lack of sleep, hangover or the rain, but I do not like San Jose…..walked around town searching for a camera charger (don’t ask, not happy I broke my camera) it was wet and miserable, and just felt like a big dirty run down city.

Next morning decided to go see yet another volcano, mainly to get out of San Jose.  Drove up to Paus volcano, was actually pretty impressive, annoyingly some of the other trails closed so only go to see this view.

Once you got out of town the countryside was really pretty, on our way back from the volcano we stopped at a small but impressive waterfall.

Got back into town and decided to go do some shopping.  So its the start of the rainy season now, and today we experienced it at its wettest, the streets where like rivers, water was gushing from everywhere.  Even with a raincoat, we got totally drenched…..we looked like drowned rats by the time we got back to the hotel.

Next morning sun was out so thought I had better actually walk around town and see if I could find anything of interest in this city…..not so much, but took a few random pics.

Not sad to be leaving but we did say goodbye to one of our partners in crime.  Next stop is the beach, happy to be heading back to the coast, this time the Caribbean coast.


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