More time on the Caribbean coast…..if I must!!!

Talk about going from hell to heaven, we just did that in leaving San Jose behind and arriving in Puerto Viejo, a small town on the Caribbean coast in Coasta Rica with a mix of Rastafarian, European and indigenous population.  It’s very chilled here, going to enjoy the next three days.

Went to visit the Cahuita National Park, a beautiful area right along the coast.  We saw sloths (seen so many now it’s becoming a bit like seeing seagulls at the beach), saw some awesome looking iguanas but too high in tree to get photos, also some more vipers, frogs, racconnes, and some very cute white faced monkies.  The birds in the nest are baby hummingbirds.

All this wildlife hunting is pretty hot work, so stopped for a dip in the water, wasn’t the clearest water as we swimming just near where the river joined the ocean.

Next we went to a local property to learn about the natural medicines and life essentials that the locals use from plants.  Our guide decided I was to be the guinea pig and painted my nails, gave me lipstick…..he also made me a hand carved dolphin on a necklace he made from string from a plant that he also died with other flowers and plants.

My favourite part, besides my makeover of course, was being showed the process for making chocolate, from the drying, roasting, crushing, separating, grinding to a paste and then eating the paste on banana and also making hot chocolate……yummmmmm, was a little nutty and bitter but I liked it.

After a long day what better than to cool off at a waterfall, some local guys where also at the waterfall, a few of the boys swarmed me and started chatting to me and asking me to kiss one of there friends…..mmmmm I think it be lucky if they 15 years old.  They then told me they would jump off the cliff and I was to watch, mmmm still not getting a kiss lol

One day we hired bikes, very happy to be back on a bike, even if it’s not the best bike, and rode round town (that took 2 mins), and then we rode out to the Jaguar Rescue Centre…….don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not got any Jaguars, but it’s got many animals that have needed to be rescued.

This ant eater came in and they think it had been hit by a car or somehow got damage to the side of its head as it keep walking around in circles, they had to prod it constantly to get him walking straight.

So it might surprise you as much as it did me that the deer is the national animal of Costa Rica…..really, mmmmm seems totally insane given some of the amazing animals we have seen here.

This baby sloth was probably one of the cutest things I’ve seen, it moves in what looks like slow motion, it had managed to escape its cage and was trying to make a break for it… very slow motion, he was never going to actually get very far.

Some baby monkies, they had diarrhea so they had them in tiny nappies, they cut out a hole for their tales…..very cute, they have someone with them all the time, clearly one of the best jobs for the volunteers that work at the Centre.

Sadly we are leaving Costa Rica tomorrow, I have loved it here and feel like I am going to come back one day.


4 responses to “More time on the Caribbean coast…..if I must!!!

  1. Sue Van Buuren

    Looks awesome, glad you are having a great time. Cheers Sue

  2. Claire gray

    Can you bring me and Wayne a baby monkey back please – thanking you kindly in advance x

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