Panama Caribbean here we come

Another day, another country, crossed the boarder today into Panama, our destination is Bocas Del Toro, which is a group of islands in the Caribbean, we are staying on one of the islands called Isla Bastimentos, it has no roads or cars just one footpath along one side of the island.  

All the locals seem to just hang out on the path, with kids playing football and basketball

We are staying at a place right on the water, the locals housing is fairly basic, but this location is lovely.  More time in a hammock….yep loving life!

Beach time and snorkeling, on the way we saw some bottle nosed Dolphins, such amazing animals, watching them playing in the waves of our boat, so graceful.  Then we arrived at the most beautiful beach, water was an amazing aqua blue and so clear.

After a very relaxing swim we headed off to do some snorkeling, the coral was really colorful, plenty of fishes but didn’t get that many great shots, they kept swimming out of shot, I mean so unreasonable, don’t they realize I have a blog to fill with photos!! 

All this swimming and snorkeling…..need to drink some rum on the boat on the way back.

Our second night turned into quite an eventful evening, a huge storm hit, as we literally staying on the water we where feeling the full brunt of the storm.  You know it’s a big storm when the locals are battening down the hatches, it lasted a few hours, so what else to do but drink rum, and more rum, and more…..yep that was a big night.

The next morning we could see the aftermath of the storm……our hotel had ripped tarpes, the roof needed repairing, but a place just up from us was totally flattened.

Next morning, suffering from the rum, we headed to the main island…….mmmmmm nothing to see here really, except a sign of other better places to be ( excluding San Jose).

Shall we water taxi to a beach? Mmmmm if I have to.  Just what I need to clear the head…diving into cold water, not as cold as I would have liked, but still refreshing.

On our way back we stopped to snorkel at a ship wreck and coral reef.  Was deep at the wreck and so hard to get good photos, it randomly had a toilet on the surface…..not sure that was actually part of the boat originally.

And just cause it’s been awhile since I posted a sunset photo, thought I’d give you another one.
Been an awesome 3 days here, off tomorrow morning back up into the cloud forrest, so cooler temperatures and a break from the humidity.


One response to “Panama Caribbean here we come

  1. Claire

    Cracking sunset lovey
    It’s going to top out at 11 tomorrow in Melbourne, enjoy πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ xx

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