Santa Catalina….how long till we leave!

They say first impressions are often correct, well, my first impressions of this tiny tiny surf beach town where not great, and they didn’t really improve, but having said that the people I was with meant that I still had a great few days.

We stayed at a place in the middle of nowhere, well not quiet, but given how small the town was, being out of town felt like nowhere. But it had hammocks so I was happy.

It’s famous for its surf beach, but I can’t say the surf looked particularly impressive, but I’m no expert.

While here two of our group members got there final Uni results…..they killed it, so that called for more rum……ABUELO!!!! (A brand of local rum, which we have become alittle fond of, lol)

Our tour guide….leading by example lol!

Went for a walk to check out the beach near our hotel…….think the tide was out!

Lots of very quiet and run down places, apparently in high season this place gets busy……seems every house doubles as a restaurant so maybe that’s true, but not at this time of year, we struggled to find one that was open.

It’s not all bad here, it just wasn’t what I had expected……such if life, without the sour you can’t enjoy the sweet!


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