Our final destination- Panama City

After a full day on the bus, in what can only be described as a mini bus with a trucks engine, air breaks included, not to mention the loudest exhaust ever, you could hear our bus long before you could see it, we arrive at the Panama Canal.  What a great example of engineering, we timed it so we could see some of the ships going through the canal. 

A huge black cloud come over the same time as the boats went through so photos a bit of a challenge, especially when competing with the 100’s of other tourists, this has been the most touristy thing we’ve done, I’m not liking all these people.  The boats are guided through the canal either by ropes or in the case of the big oil and container ships by the little truck looking thing on the rail line along the canal.

That night was our final night as a tour group, a farewell dinner and drinks where called for.  After a large number of consecutive nights on the rum it was all starting to catch up with me….but I finally found my mojo and had a great night with some awesome people.

A few of us from the group have rented an apartment and staying here a few extra days, this is the view from our balcony.

After a much needed AFD and a good nights sleep a few of us left from the tour catch up and explore Panama City.  We firstly head to the nature reserve just out of town…..mmmmm more humidity and bug bites, I not going to miss this (as a side note I have about 60 bites on my arms and legs….these suckers love me).  We did manage to see some toucans, monkies, turtles and of course birds and butterflies.

Next we headed to the old town, now this is a very pretty part of the city, you feel like you have entered another city altogether.

I told the boys to pose…..this was what I got, lol

After walking around for most the day we stopped for cake and coffee.  The key lime pie was devine……note guy on the right…..he had a private moment with his pie, insert all jokes relevant here, we said them lol

A couple of us decided to walk back along the waterfront back to our apartment, this is an area where lots of locals run, bike, rollerblade and gym.  Was a little overcast, but on a clear day this would be very pretty running spot.

You can see the money in this city, the marina area is full of really expensive boats and the CBD has about a million banks and numerous skyscrapers, you don’t feel like you are in Central America at all.

We decided at the last minute to take advantage of our kitchen and cook a last supper, best meal of the trip thanks to Wayne.  Going to miss these lovely people xxxxx

Well, can’t actually believe this part of my trip is over, have fallen more in love with Central America on this trip (minus the humidity and bugs),  the people, the nature, the animals, my group (well most of them, a few exceptions), our tour guide, the sites, the food (less so the rice and beans), the music and the dancing….love to salsa!  

It’s really sad to be saying goodbye to all the new friends I have made over the last month, special mentions to Louisa, Wayne, Vince for a great month together and for Chess, James, Tass and Amity who joined half way through, you all helped make this a fantastic experience, filled with great memories.  It’s also sad to say good bye to Central America, but I’ll be back!  

But as one adventure comes to its end, I now turn my attention to the next one, the solo adventure in Canada and the states.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous about this next part, but it’s a really good nervous, filled with anticipation and excitement, bring it on baby!


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