Terrific Toronto 

The sadness of leaving Central America and my new friends was replaced by excitement as I had a whole new city to explore, and all at my own pace and time, while its easy to just follow the leader on a tour, it’s nice to have to work shit out all for myself again, yep my independent side is back in control, lol!!

Toronto reminds me a lot of Melbourne, similar look and feel, tram or as they call them street cars, the city is a grid layout, they have a waterfront area separated from downtown by train station and sport stadium, lots of cafes, pubs and eating and drinking outside, yep could very easily work here.

By far my favourite area was Kensington Market, it’s a few streets where you find a mix of many cultures, people and cuisines, and the shops are out the front of houses and some very cool street art, I literally walked around here and people watched for ages.

Other areas include the waterfront, Chinatown, Queens West (shopping), and entertainment area.  

Toronto also has an old town, it’s becoming more and more modernized, so isnt like other old towns I have seen, but did have an old distillery that had been converted to shops and cafes. The area is also home to the world famous St Lawrence Market (there words not mine), to be honest just another indoor market, best pic was my view from the market as I enjoyed a much deserved cold beer on a hot day after lots and lots of walking.

So, the question is how many photos of one thing can someone take?  Well it seems that in 3 days I have managed to take photos of the famous landmark of Toronto, CN Tower in all conditions, overcast, slight cloud, clear skies, sunset and at night, so the answer is at least 50…..got to love digital!  So below is a small collection of my favs.


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