Bucket list ticked- Niagara Falls 

Took the bus 2 hours to Niagara Falls, walked from the bus station to the actual falls, as I walked along the river the anticipation and excitement started to build, sometimes when I travel I have, omg moments I am really here, as I got my first climpse of the falls I had that feeling…..a big smile on my face!

The bridge is the boarder crossing between Canada and USA, totally forgot my passport so will just see from Canadian side, but that’s the best side anyway.  So they have two falls here, the American fall (on left in pic below) which is smaller than the Canadian fall which is the biggest and a horse shoe shape, and the most famous image of the falls.

So the most popular and famous thing to do here is ride the Maid in the Mist boat along the river right up into the falls, this is now just on the American side, the Canadian side has the same thing just called Hornblower…..mmmm I’ll ignore this detail from my bucket list, lol.

First pics are of the American falls from on the boat in my fetching red plastic poncho, red for Canada, the American boats had blue ponchos, no rivalry here at all lol

Next we cruise up towards the Canadian falls, wow these are simply amazing, we go right into the mist of the falls, I have to admit I am smiling and giggling like a kid, this is awesome

Wet and windy……was amazing!

This place is so beautiful and powerful all at the same time.

Off the boat and continuing to walk along the river admiring these falls from all its angles, yep amazing no matter what way you look at it.

And one final pic, if I thought I took a lot of photos of a bloody concert tower, you don’t want to know how many I took of this most amazing natural wonder of the world, I could hardly pick which ones to post, can do a slide show if you like lol

Back into Toronto for my final night.  I am really loving traveling by myself, but I do find it a bit weird to sit down in a restaurant for dinner by myself, had wifi some nights so chatted to friends, but this night no wifi, just me.  One thing I have noticed is that I can people watch more easily.  I sat next to a couple for a drink and I think I said more ordering my drink than they said to each other, it was awkward sitting next to them.

I also discovered another issue, 2.5 pints of beer in, need the loo….mmmm how to ensure no one takes my drink away!!  I know, I know, real first world problems I am facing lol

Tonight the people on the table next to me, where a very interesting study of men and women…..was like watching an animal in the wild as the man beat his chest to impress the girl and the girl kept fluffing her feathers to look just right.  

Toronto you have been amazing, the people are so friendly and polite, maybe a little influenced by the tip culture, but I think it’s much more than that.  But being called sweetheart by bus driver was a little too familiar.  I’ve noticed here too  even if you jay walk or cross on the flashing red, the drivers seem to happily stop and give way to you.

You can see we are close to French Canada here, as things are in both languages here, and you do hear French being spoken, time to learn some French as I head to Montreal tomorrow. 

Cheers to you Toronto…….


4 responses to “Bucket list ticked- Niagara Falls 

  1. Natalie Alcock

    awesome Renee, I was worried with your high expectations of the falls that you would be disappointed. So glad it was a magnificent as you’d imagined. Looks amazing in your photo’s – you can sense the force of all that water, must have been awesome to be there. Love your blogs. keep them up and enjoy your adventures xxx

  2. Such a nice bit of travel escapism for me today, no my little three year old, I cannot hear you! 😉 Glad you are enjoying flying solo. Looking forward to hearing about Montreal xxxx

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