Quaint Quebec City

I loved it here the second I arrived, when you arrive to the following buildings, you just know the rest of the city is going to impress.  The second pic is the train station.

I’m staying in a hostel here, first of the trip, but it’s in a great location in the old town, great if you ignore the giant hill I have to walk up carrying my backpack to get to it!

Quebec City is one of north Americas oldest and most historically significant cities.  It’s  old town is the only fortified city walls remaining north of Mexico and is a UNESCO World heritage site, after a few minutes of walking around I can see why.

I first head to the city walls, they offer a great view out towards the rest of the city and are clearly a popular place for the locals to hang out, as they sit on the grass all along the walls.

The walls are approximately 4.6km long with gates allowing access into the old town.

The streets of the old town are very impressive to just walk around and explore them, I literally wondered around exploring them for hours, my photos don’t actually do any justice to this town, but have tried to capture the charm of the old town.

They also have a Notre Dame cathedral here, not as impressive as the one in Montreal.

One of the most famous buildings and probably the most photographed hotel in the world, is the Chateau Frontenac, it’s not hard to understand why, it totally dominates the skyline along the riverside of the old town.

After over 6 weeks of traveling, I’ve had two home cooked meals, so with a kitchen in the hostel, I was very excited to cook myself some food…..a veggie stir fry, yummm I was so excited in the supermarket buying broccoli and carrots, I know sad, but eating out 3 meals a day isn’t the best.  With not cooking for 6 weeks, I have clearly forgotten that if you have lots of hot oil in a wok and you drop onions into it, no let me correct that I literally threw them in……oil will splatter, well it sprayed all over me, I’ve burnt my hand, chest and neck, not to mention ruined a top as it’s covered in oil stains that won’t come out, but after throwing cold water wall over myself I was happy with the finished product.

One of the other impressive sites in Quebec city is the Citedel, as it’s still an active military base you have to have a guided  tour….mmm great back to being guided around like a sheep, lol.  Quebec City has an interesting history, at one time it was ruled by the British and in order to protect the town, they built the Citedel.  The guards outfits are very similar to those of the Queens Guards in England.

They also have a changing of the guards ceremony here at the Citedel, I missed the summer ceremonies by a day, doh.  As part of the ceremony they use a goat, called Batisse, it was a gift from the queen, they have gone through 11 goats with still the same Queen.  The one below was goat number four.

Given the positioning of the citedel it offers amazing views of the old town.

Next to the Citedel is the battlefields of Abraham, so basically it’s a big grassy field which was once the location of an important battle between Britain and France, which Britain won that lead to the surrender of Quebec to Britain, but tomorrow is Quebec Day and they are setting up a concert stage to hold a free concert tonight.

After a few drinks at the hostel chatting to some guys from Quebec, who gave me some interesting insights into quebecs past and future, I headed up to check out the concert, it was obviously all in French and so I didnt know any of the performers or music, lucky I only got there for the last 20 mins, just in time to see the finale and the fireworks.  It’s inpossible to get a good photo of fireworks, not sure why my camera has a settling for them that doesn’t work!!

Walked around the old town to get some photos of the sites at night, even with it being the night they all celebrate Quebec Day it was actually pretty quiet, like in oz they have stopped people from drinking in the streets and made the celebrations family friendly.

So tomorrow I leave Canada and head to the States, I have really enjoyed Canada, the people are lovely, lots of similarities to Australia and some beautiful cities.  Flying to Boston and then picking up a rental car and driving up to Maine, looking forward to driving again, all be it on the other side of the road.


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  1. Geoff

    Wow..quebec looks amazing…there’s another one for the list…

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