On the road….driving around Maine

After saying my goodbyes to Canada, I start what on the map looked like such a simple journey, until I discovered it was a 14 hour bus trip from Quebec City, to Montreal, to Boston, to Portland…..mmmmm no thanks I’ll fly.  So first flight was on a small plane, 30 mins flying time, hardly had my tray table down before I had to put it up again.  Next is 45 min flight from Montreal to Boston, mmmmm sitting at the gate thinking not many people for this international flight, board the plane…..its only 12 rows long, with 4 seats per row, and the plane is half empty, well that’s the smallest international flight I’ve ever done!

Pick up my rental car in Boston, ok, here we go, driving on the opposite side of the road and in passenger seat to drive.  I’ve done this before so wasn’t worried at all, I should have been more worried about getting my sat nav sorted, it wasn’t speaking to me, drove out airport, thinking I’ll just pull over and set it up…..shit wrong lane, shit I’m on a freeway, shit I have to pay a toll…I’ve literally gotten 15 seconds out the airport, and I’m going the wrong bloody way……now I’m stuck in a cross town tunnel, in bumper to bumper traffic…..mmmm over an hour later, after an unexpected site seeing trip of downtown Boston, I finally get on the right freeway….but it was also gridlocked…..wow, this is insane.  A million tolls later, still no voice instructions from sat nav and twice the time it should have taken I arrive at my base for the next 3 nights, Portland.

Next morning, I fiddle with the technology of the new car I’m driving, oh Spotify through the radio….awesome…. But sat nav still not talking to me, what ever, I can’t get lost i just need to head north.  I head up north to explore some of the coastal towns of Maine.  Half way there all of a sudden sat nav decides to join me on my road trip……by the end of three days I wished I could stop it talking to me, lol.

The love hate relationship I had with sat nav was as it keep wanting to take me via the interstates, I wanted to take smaller roads, no point just driving freeways I wanted to see the countryside……before you tell me to change the settings, it’s not that fancy, it’s just offline google maps so not many settings, (or I couldn’t find them, Geoff please don’t tell me now how I can do it, lol), for about 150 miles it keep telling me to turn left onto the slip road….I would ignore, our relationship went on like this for 3 days, I found myself talking to it….”i don’t want to go that way, I’m going to continue north”, eventually she would agree with me…lol…..mmmm maybe I’ve been traveling by myself for too long lol!

Anyway, the drive itself was really scenic, lots of tiny towns, antique shops, flee markets, farmers markets…..oh and of course drive through dunkin donuts.  First town I stop at is called Camden, like most the towns it’s a small fishing port, with cute main Street and port and that’s about it.

The main fishing here seems to be for lobster, and one of the dishes you see everywhere is lobster rolls, so I pick one of the few cafes in town and order it…….wow it was huge, a very generous serving of lobster for only $15, and I have to say, it was delicious.

Feeling rather satisfied, I jump back in the car with my new best friend google maps talking person, I mean program, and start me journey back, stopping at Rockland

Next on my fly by visits was Boothbay, a very cute town, with same amazing houses on the water.  Plus I got the best chocolate milkshake, no photo, just sharing, lol

One of the last towns before getting back to Portland, was Freeport, so I thought I’ll just quickly stop here, oh that looks like a good place to park….oh it seems Freeport has some outlet shopping….well I’m using there car park, I’m sure there must be a sign somewhere saying for customers only, so better obey the rules.  A few checky purchases later, including the first scarf purchase of my holiday, it’s taken 51 days, which is showing great restraint for me and scarfs, I look around town.

After a long day of driving and site seeing, I head back to hotel, dinner in house tonight I think.  I have also discovered a use for the ice vending machines that every hotel in America seems to have…..chilling my beer, love it!  This area is also well known for its breweries, I have been tasting a few of the local brews, have found my fav in Allagash, looked to do a brewery tour, but they all booked out, doh

Next day I explore a little closer to home and head down to Portland and check it out.  It’s a pretty big town, with an old town, an old port and a downtown area.

I stumble across a donut shop, which not that hard to do , but this one talks about potato in there donuts, ok I’ll try. I read the signs, yep real potato is used and it’s been voted in the top 10 donuts in the states…..OMG, thank god this shop isn’t in Melbourne, I’d by the size of a house in a week…..yummmmmmmmm

Mmmmmm, I’m thinking about the donut, maybe I could drive back to portland (I’m in Boston writing this) and get some more!!!  Anyway, back to my post, the area is also well known for its lighthouses, being such a rugged coast line, they are seemingly scattered all along the coast.  The following three are all just out of Portland.

They do have some beaches in the area too, but it’s only mid twenties here so bit cold to swim, plus not the best beaches ever. Probably are some nicer spots, I just didn’t go looking for them.

Obviously with driving around I hadn’t got many shots of the countryside, but I did manage a few cheeky shots along the way.  Lots of the area has rivers, lakes and streams so you are constantly passing over waterway, but on a no stopping road, can’t get photos, but I did manage to stop in some spots.

On my way back to Boston to return rental I decide to stop at one last town, Kennekbuntport, even smaller than the others, but very cute.

Have totally loved the last four days, having a car and driving around, was great.  Some of the weird things with driving here was the fact you can turn right on a red light, it felt like I was running a red!  Also, the number of times I reached over my right shoulder for my seat belt was ridiculousness, plus I also reached to my left for the gear stick a few times. Lol.  Also pedestrians have right of way here at all times, even if they walking on a red man or jay walking….which as a pedestrian is great, but as a driver…annoyin!  The other thing I noticed was that if an emergency vehicle was approaching, no matter the side of the road, or if they had plenty of room, all cars pull over and stop…..seriously they make laws over here to accommodate the lowest common donominator, clearly not allowing for common sense.


One response to “On the road….driving around Maine

  1. Oh my gosh, it just all looks picture postcard perfect! So quaint! Glad you enjoyed your solo drive😀

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