Beautiful Boston

Well I’ve wanted to come here since my last trip to the states in 2008, (shit where did 8 years go) and oh boy it didn’t disappoint, not for a second.

After a few weeks on my own, which I have really loved, I have a friend to catch up with here in Boston, and we have arranged to visit the famous Fenway Park on my first night as they have a dog night, where you can bring your dog and get to go onto the field ( well the dirt track next to the filed, but still a rare opportunity), lucky for me, Gemma and her partner Erik have a dog.

While we didn’t see a game, what trip to a sporting venue isn’t complete without a beer and pub food, so we headed to a sports bar not far from the filed and sampled some local brews.

Next morning i was peacefully sleeping when I heard a truck outside my window….mmmm why isn’t it going away, trying to ignore and keep sleeping.  Then I hear some other engine of some sort, omg what is going on… a chain sore starts….gee that is loud…..I open my blind…..crap a man in a cherry picker is cutting down a tree outside my window…literally.  Are these people serious…’s , it’s I mean it’s 8:30am, come on!!!  If that wasn’t enough, next came the tree shedder….ok ok I am awake….ffs!

Well I’m clearly awake so let’s start the day, off to do the Freedom Trail, which is a 2.5mile path that takes you through Boston’s most historical landmarks.  It’s really well set up, they have a red brick line that you follow along the entire path so you can’t possibly get lost, I’m mean it would be impossible, you just follow the line in the footpath……oh I didn’t get lost, if that’s what you’re thinking, but the person (American) who asked me where the freedom trail was as we stood on top of the red brick line… words!!!!

There are 16 different stops along the path, don’t worry I’m not about to post photos of all 16, I’ll just post some of the ones I enjoyed.  The trail starts in Boston Common, a huge park in the middle of Boston, and Americas oldest public park.

The next photos are of The Massachusetts State House, next the Granary Burying Ground where many famous Bostonians are buried including John Hancock, Samuel Adams along with the victims of the Boston Massacre, and a statue of Benjamin Franklin…..mmmm picture in guide doesn’t seem to match reality…..clearly Bennie is off being cleaned, refer to guide in photo for what we should see!

Next to rate a mention is Faneull Hall, then Bostons oldest building in downtown, then the USS Constitution, she was launched in 1797 and is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world, with active sailors still assigned to her, (not sure if a dry dock is afloat, but who am I to argue with a sailor).  I got a photo of him, I mean some important relics of the boat….hello sailor!!! 

One stop on the trail that did actually really have an impact on me was within the gardens of one of the churches, and it was a monument to the American lives lost in Afganhastan, Iraq and to ISIS…….each dog tag represents a life lost…….this has more impact than a number in a guide. (Hard to see in pic, but the top few rows are doubled up).  Imagine if this included ALL lives lost, no words.

On a slightly lighter but yet equally as unbelievable as the number of dog tags, that Trump could lead this country, I saw a homeless man with a rather humorous cardboard sign.

So if you’re around my age or older you will know what show these lyrics are from….making your way in the world takes everything you’ve got, taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot.  Wouldn’t you like to get away…….(skip a bit)……sometimes you wanna go…where everybody knows your name, and there always glad you came…..yep Cheers!  Was a little excited to see the pub that was used as the outside of the pub in the show and was the inspiration for the shows pub.  The inside of this pub is nothing like the one in the show, which was a little weird when you walk in.  Photos with cutouts was at a replica pub in another location, I had one with Norm, but issues with camera means I can’t get it off the memory card.

Like lots of big cities, Boston has a number of areas, one of my favourites was Beacon Hill, the houses and streets in this area where so beautiful, I just walked around taking photos of people’s houses, lol.

Of course another area that is famous in Boston is Cambridge and Harvard Uni.  Did an interesting tour of the school, it surprised me that they only take in 1,500 students each year.  It’s a rather impressive Uni, good old Monash Uni pales in comparison.  

One of the entrances to the campus

All the halls of residences look over the Harvard Yard, where I am pretty sure a number of pranks and drunken activities have occurred along with all the studying.

This area is where they have the graduation ceremony, in the open, so great if the weather is good, crap if it’s not!

The uni’s library, which was built in remembrance of a past student who loved books and died on the Titanic, his mother donated the money to build it and name it after her son.  Her condition was it never be altered in appearance,  so they have build 5 levels below, only students aloud inside, didn’t think it was worth the $60k tuition to see it.

Next area I explored was the North End, which has a very Italian influence, in fact it’s filled with Italian shops, cafes, restaurants and cake shops.

Well as they say, when in Rome… I stopped by a famous pizza restaurant, and I probably did the most American thing I could think off, I sat at the bar, ordered pizza and beer, chatted to the bar tender and watched baseball

Next I had to sample the famous calzones from Mikes Pastry… I said when in Rome!

Ok so today was not a great food day, as I was checking out a market on the way back home i stumbled upon another of the top donut places in America, given I have tried one on the list already this trip, I really needed to compare them, I mean it’s for research.  Just as an FYI, Portlands holy donut is still winning.

Mmmm woke up feeling pretty guilty of my eating yesterday, time for a run.  A popular spot to run here is around the Charles River, was a beautiful sunny morning, always enjoy running along the water.

Many other area of Boston I also walked around here is a collection of pics, the Waterfront, Public Garden, Quincey Market, Theatre District, downtown, and Newbury street  (think Rodeo Drive up one end and a high street the other)

Being a runner I have always known of the famous Boston Marathon, they have a cool statue of a tortoise and a hare near the finish line dedicated to runners.  Where they finish is a great spot right in the middle of town, they don’t have anything noting the site of the bombings, don’t want to have a reminder on such a busy street.

Last night in Boston and I join my friend with some of her mates to go kayaking on the Charles River, it was the perfect night for it, warm, clear skies and calm water.


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    Wow…ok another one for the bucket list…

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