Let’s here it for New York…..

The big apple………I’m back!!!

Finally have made it back to nyc after 8 years, given I’ve been here before Im planning to explore some ares of the city I didn’t get to last time and revisit some of the areas I loved!

Mmmm walking to my hotel with my pack and it starts to rain……mmmmm not happy with this weather nyc!

Finally arrive, alittle wet, at least I had a great view from my hotel of across the Hudson towards jersey, and I watched as the storm came in.

Next morning I had a walking tour of Harlem, such an interesting history to this part of nyc, our guide was a real character, singing and walking the streets as if she owned them, saying hi at all as she lead us around.

One of the stops on the tour was a famous restaurant in the area, that was made more so due to the visits from Bill Clinton, our tour guide was the waitress working in the restaurant and served him.  She said that we shouldn’t leave Harlem without having waffles and chicken, so I went back to Silvia’s and ordered it. I don’t think I’ll have that ever again, lol, but the corn bread was yummy.

Of course one of the famous spots here is the Apollo Theatre, they have just in the last few years started doing a walk of fame out the front of famous black artists, prince is due to be the next to be honored (this was already planned before he died).

As I was walking around, I noticed this NYPD box on a lift, as I went to take a photo the police officer opened the window and waved, then closed the window just as quickly, without realizing I had captured it in the photo, lol

While I had seen most of the sites of nyc, I was keen to see the memorial that they have done for 9/11, last time I was here the whole area was a huge construction site.  What they have done is amazing, with water falling down into a pool, then again into a square in the middle, then around the edges of the two pools, (one for both north and south towers, in the spots they use to be) they had all the names of the people that died.

It wouldn’t be a trip the nyc without a stop at Times Square, so passed through, it was as crazy and entertaining as I remember.

I happened to walk past the Bull in Wall Street so, pushed my way in to get the typical tourist shot…..you got to touch the balls, it’s tradition, I got a pic the same last time too!

What’s more American than baseball, so I headed to Citifield to see the Mets v Cubs, the Cubs should have won, but the mets actually held on to win in a great game.  I managed to leave my nose bleed seats and find a spot lower down and closer to the action and spent the game chatting to a local guy, so was getting all the insights into the players and teams, had a great night.

Next day I headed over to Broklyn for another walking tour, again the tour guide was a resident broklynite.  Broklyn is a really lovely area, so close to Manhattan, yet so quiet, with some amazing views back across the East River of the Manhattan skyline.

One of the things I wanted to do in Nyc was see a Broadway show, so I headed to the discount ticket window…….mmmmm not many shows on a Sunday (I didn’t know that until now), and cause tomorrow is 4th July, no shows tomorrow……so much to my annoyance, nothing worth seeing that wasn’t going  cost me over $200, so that plan went right out the window…..after pouting for about an hour, I figured oh well, get lemons make lemonade and so got some beers in.  I hang out in the area South Street Seaport, they had a stage with live music set up, so pulled up a deck chair and chilled here for a bit.

I also popped past Wall Street, not that there is much to see, but one huge flag….yep I think I’m in America!

If you are like me and have seen at least a million episodes of Law & Order, you should recognize these steps.

What trip to NYC would be complete without a stop at Grand Central Station, such a beautiful station.

And other iconic buildings such as the flat iron, Chrysler building, Rockefeller and of course the Empire State Building.

Ok, so no Broadway show, I’ll go for a run, mmmm not really the same, but still doing a run around Central Park was also on my list of things to do, a full lap is 10km, was a really lovely run to do, stopped heaps to take some photos.  Had to catch the metro there and back in my running gear, I had a seat all to my self on the way back, read into that what you may, lol (in my defense it was pretty hot and humid)

Happy 4th July……on the whole the city didn’t seem to show any sign that it was the 4th, until you looked at the parks and bars where people having picnic and drinks.  I headed up to Central Park to chill out and relax for a bit. 

What trip to NYC would be complete without seeing the Statue of Librty, I caught the Staten Island Ferry to get a view of her and the Manhattan skyline.

The Macy’s fireworks are the big thing in nyc for the 4th, people get to vantage spots hours and hours before hand, I couldn’t be bothered with that so just wondering down about 15 mins before they started, it was raining so I think that kept the crowd down, wasn’t the best spot I got as the freeway was in the way, but still managed to see them, they were pretty good, but I have to admit, I expected a little better.

Last day in NYC, firstly went to walk along the High Line, which is an old train line that they have converted into an elevated linear park with art installations along the 1.45mile path.

Also did some exploring around Soho, Greenich Village and the meat packer district.  Some amazing brownstones in these areas, along with high end shopping, cool cafes and bars.  Also stopped in for slice of pizza at some award winning pizza place, it was really good!

Of corse one of the most famous brownstones in NYC is Carrie’s, if you got no idea who that is, it’s off Sex and the City.

So I did the donut challenge, now the cupcake challenge, you could acuse me of doing this just as an excuse to eat mutilple desserts, but I argue its my responsibility as a travel blogger to give my readers these insights…..yep I sticking with that as my justification, lol

Not a bad way to end my time in NYC, sitting in a park eating cupcakes. Oh FYI, between  Magnolia Bakery (famous from sex and the city) and Molly’s….Molly’s wins hands down….yummmm

So after over 2 months in the Americas, I am off to good old England next, this means two things, over half way through my trip and I get to see some friends in Europe….guess you got to take the good with the bad!


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