Summer in England… my umbrella, I’m ready!!

Caught the red eye from NYC to London, left about 7pm and then arrived at 2am NYC time, but it was 7 am in England, not a wink of sleep!  My beautiful friend Jade was up early and at the airport to meet me…….road trip here we come.

Set of for Cornwall, a beach side area down in the far south west of England, we drove past Stonehenge on the way, but didn’t stop or get any pics….but I can say I’ve seen it.

The drive down once you get to the Cornwall area is beautiful English countryside, with thatched houses and brick cottages dotted along the road.  The roads are narrow with bushes right up to the roads edge, in some parts the road it just wider than one car.

Had to do a slight detour to get to a branch of my bank from when I lived in England so I could get my money out (they had closed my account), turned out they can’t give it to me, they will send a cheque……mmmmm that’s not helpful!  Anyway, meant we stopped in a cute town called Truo, had a beautiful cathedral.

Next stop was a town called Marazion, which is known for St Michaels Mount, which is a castle on a small island, you can walk out to the island at low tide via a path, you can just make out the path in the photo below.

We are staying on a diary farm a few miles out of St Ives, the roads are literally the width of a car, we are surrounded by beautiful countryside.  That night we head out to a local pub for dinner, called Bucket of Blood, a very traditional English pub, the roof was low, if you over 6 foot, you’d have to duck.

Next morning we caught the train into St Ives, as parking is a nightmare, plus it’s a lovely costal train ride, so had some stunning views of the beaches…..who knew England could have such beautiful beaches, lol

I’m in Cornwall, I have to have a Cornish Pastie……was really yummy, was like every second shop was a bakery selling pasties, or it sold some form of food that was then Cornish, eg Cornish ice cream, Cornish Fudge, Cornish lollies. 

St Ives itself is a really cute little sea side spot (cause it would be much better with the sun shinning), the narrow streets wind up a step hill, with limited access for cars.  The harbor area was lacking water when we visiting, clearly the tide was out, but still beautiful, even though it was overcast

We saw this man on the beach balancing the rocks, if I hadn’t seen him do it I wouldn’t have believed they are literally just balanced on each other. He is balancing 3 in the first pick which you can see in the second pic.

I was advised by some English friends that I had to have Cornish Tea while I was here, which is tea and scones with clotted Cornish cream, which is famous from the area cause of the cows here, yummm, milk must be produced in Cornwall and at least 55% fat, no wonder it tasted so good.

Our drive back to London……correction, our slow crawl through a very long car park the English like to call the A30 highway, meant that a 3 hour drive from St Ives to Bristol took 5 and half hours……yuck!!

After that crawl, I then got the train to London.  Then it got delayed at Reading station, when we went to leave, apparently the driver couldn’t get the train to go forward…..mmmmm, so we had to switch to another train, so two train loads of people jammed into one train, oh England how I have missed you, mmmm maybe not!!

But finally in London, short tube ride later and I catch up with my best friend Claudia…….woo hoooo, we are back in London together again.  Both feeling the effects of our travel, Claudia just flown in from Melbourne and me still recovering from losing a whole nights sleep and the time difference from NYC and a day traveling, we drag ourselves out to walk the streets of London, oh all the memories.

So we both lived here for many years, don’t have any tourist things to see…..oh well, lets do a little shopping, but not all day.  Mmmmm where did the day go, did sort of see a few tourists sites, if they coincided with our shopping, lol

That night we headed out for dinner in Fitzrovia, area near soho, found a very cool restaurant, but had to wait for a table, ok we will sit in the bar….cocktails baby!  Very yummy food and cocktails, so we tried some, and some others…and repeat!

Slight sore heads next morning, it seems London is looking as we feel, grey and dreary, and raining….ah yes it summer time.  We headed to Bourgh Market, it find that most of it was closed, but still managed to find some food stalls open and enjoy a yummy lunch and dessert.  It was all French themed in honor of Bastille day soon, very appropriate given we head to Paris that afternoon.

After we went for a walk along the Thames River across London Bridge and Tower Bridge, the city skyline has changed heaps since I was here, not sure I a fan of some of the new buildings.

Next we are on the Eurostar to Paris, and as luck would have it its the Euro Cup Final tonight and France are playing, expecting a big night in Paris.


4 responses to “Summer in England… my umbrella, I’m ready!!

  1. I am loving reading your adventures, bit sad you are halfway through now. Can’t wait to hear about Paris! Have a great time girls xx

  2. Sue van Buuren

    HI Renee, loving your posts. Keep safe in France, just saw the news about Nice, some scary things happening there. Hope you are ok.

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