Bordeaux – wine more time!!

Thank goodness our drive to Bordeaux was free of traffic and we arrived in the time Shazza estimated, (oh that’s the name we gave our gps lady, we also have named our car…..its Dazza, so Shazza and Dazza, lol). So the motorways here have a speed limit of 130km, woo hoo!!  They charge you here to use the A roads, main highways between cities, you collect a ticket at the start of the toll way and when you exit you insert ticket and it calculates what you owe.  We had travelled about 400km to Bordeaux, put our ticket in the machine…..€32.30…….whattttt the fffffffaaaarrrrrkkkkk!!! as I picked my jaw back off the floor I said to Claudia we need credit card for this toll!!

After recovering from the shock road toll, we found our hotel and then headed out to explore, we are staying about 1km from Centre of town, the streets were very quiet, it was a little weird, we got into town and noticed lots of shops where closed, we later realized it was due to the France having 3 days of mourning after the attack in Nice only the day before.  So with not much open, we got a quick dinner and take home wine and relaxed back at our B&B.  This was the bottle we took home….lol

Next day, we headed to the local market, certainly more people around today and all the shops etc where open again

Yep they are sea snails…..I’ve not tried escargot, I have put the challenge to Claudia that we will try before we leave France.

We then did our own walking tour of Bordeaux, a pretty little town, they even have trams, same ones as in Melbourne, even the warning ding thing is the same, ahhhhh reminds me of home.  

You can see in this photo that the flag is at half mast in respect of the victims of Nice

All this walking is making us thirsty, oh look we just happened to finish our tour at a wine bar……Bordeaux is famous for wine, so really we continued our tour in the wine bar.  And it’s France so have to have cheese!

After a few samples we headed down the longest pedestrian road in the world, Rue Saint Catherine.  Mmmm shopping after wine, this will be fun!  Yep, two pairs of shoes later, we instigate some shopping rules….I am banned from scarfs and shoes, Claudia from anything white……but rules are always made to be broken, hee heee!

Right, after a brief look at the shops, truly I purchased two pairs of shoes in 10 mins from separate shops, we found another wine tasting shop, this one was much pricier than the last, they had these automatic wine pourers, sounds good in theory but you have to inert card and press button and it measures out a perfect measure….no chance of an over pour here….mmm needless to say we didn’t stay long.

Next on the tour we happened across another wine bar….ok ok we may have put it into google and found it, but either way, we arrived… “wine more time”, this is my new saying now, instead of just one more, it’s now ‘wine more time’.

Oh dear is that the time, better eat something more than wine and cheese…..its ok we still had more wine with dinner.

Next day we headed out of Bordeaux with the plan to stop at a winery and wine cellar on the way to our next town.  Unfortunately, we missed the tasting at the first, poor info from tourist information (ok we may have also not remembered), but still walked around the property.

Bloody siesta caused us more problems as the next place we got to at 12:10, and even though the lady was still in the cellar/shop and we had walked in, she said closed until 2…..grrrrr.  Lucky we found a cute French restaurant just up the road, I had confit of duck and creme brûlée…..yumm

Back in the shop and we purchased a ‘few’ bottles of wine in preparation for two nights time in our trip when we see some friends at their villa. (Be ready boys we are on our way loaded with vine).

The lady told us that the wine should not be drunk until after a week cause we driving so far with it……mmmm we just said ok politely and looked at each knowing that wasn’t going to happen, lol!!


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