Exploring the fortified city of Carcassone

With our car full of wine we made our way to the medieval citadel of Carcassone in the south of France, with its 53 watch towers and double walled fortifications.  This was our view of the city as we approached.

We stayed inside the city walls, only a few places to stay within the walled city, so at night time it was pretty quiet, so as we arrived in the late afternoon, after we had dinner we went exploring the city including walking around between the two walls of the city.

Next morning was time to explore by daylight, wow this place is so amazing, the streets are tiny, it’s strictly authorised vehicles only but we do know some friends that followed gps right across the draw bridge and into the city a few years back….having now visited, we still not sure how they a) drove in, and b) drove through the streets with all the people, shops and restaurants, lol).

Given its a medieval city, the common theme in restaurants, shops and in town was knights and medieval times.

Also visited the Chateau Comtal, which is the castle atop the hill in the city, we walked along the walls of the ramparts, it’s from the 12th century and parts have been restored, but it’s cool fun walking around and imagining when it was an actually lived in.

Given the height of the castle and the city it means you can get some amazing views of the town outside the city walls and the surrounding countryside.

It was a pretty small town, so it didn’t take long to explore it all, but was well worth stopping here for a night, highly recommend it.


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