Montpellier and a villa somewhere in the hills of southern France 

On route to see our friends in the hills of southern France and importantly Claudia’s little boy Luca, we stopped to check out Montpellier, a town about 10km inland from the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France. 

While I thought it was a pretty town, very cosmopolitan with elegant buildings, had some cute narrow lane ways along with a pedestrianised hopping street, Claudia was a little under welmed, but that all changed when we rounded a corner and found her favourite ice cream shop….I have to admit it’s now mine, I had a chocolate and hazelnut milk shake with chantile cream……omg, died and  gone to heaven. Gina eat your heart out, this is our second time here so far this trip, lol

Next was a short drive into the mountains to our friends villa, this was a gorgeous drive, along narrow country roads, through quaint French villages, through the mountains and along the river, seriously one of the lovely drives I’ve ever done, sadly no photos as I was driving.

We arrived at the villa our friends and there family were staying at….Luca was VERY excited to see his mummy.  They are staying in a 200 year old farm house that’s been renovated, it was just amazing, especially the pool.

The area surrounding the farm house was beautiful, mountains, farmland, horses and you could see a village along the hill side from the second story window, wasn’t a bad spot to sit in the pool and admire the scenery.

We were literally in the middle of no where, which was just as well, as the four of us, who haven’t all been in the same place together for 10 years had a very very very big night, which included beer, wine, wine and yep more wine.  We decided that a midnight dip in the pool was required at about 2am….it wasn’t exactly warm, so we got the bbq out and warmed ourselves by coal and kindling….many laughs and fun was had, and yep photos where taken, but they not making it here…  These are early in the night!

Needless to say we all had sore heads the next day, but nothing a dip in the pool couldn’t sort out.  As Luca was there with his Scottish family and it’s his bday in a few weeks we had a party for him, he got totally spoilt, with each present he opened I thought doh that’s the spare space I was hoping to use in Damian’s suitcase taken, lol

Needless to say after kids in bed and the other adults left, the four of us toke off from the night before, this time I got a photo of all of us before it all got to crazy…..and yep we went for another midnight swim.  Was awesome to be all together again, just like old times, now we just need to get Jason to move to oz and this could be a regular event….mmmm maybe he should just stay in England, lol

It was a full moon so our midnight swim was by moonlight, some might say how romantic, until Jason decided the night needed two moons…  Yes it was captured on film, no none of us took it, in fact we had gone inside at that point, but he did post it on facebook, so I figure it’s public property now, but I thought better to not post on my blog, lol


One response to “Montpellier and a villa somewhere in the hills of southern France 

  1. Hahaha, sounds like wine more time x infinity! Xxxxxxxxx

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