Aix en Provence and surrounding areas

On our way to Aix en Provence we stop at Avignon, a small town that is best known for it bridge Pont d’Avignon which goes to nowhere, well the middle of the river.  It was built in the 12th century originally, and then was fully rebuilt with 22 arches, but due to the cost to maintain it was abandoned in 17th century, today only 4 arches remain, this has been restored and made a world heritage site in the late 90’s.

Explaining to Luca about castles and knights as we explore the town Centre, what a great life and learning experience for a 5 year old (5&11 months if you ask him his age).

Luca took this photo, pretty good I think

We arrive at our apartment for the next 5 days……with a pool of course and settle in, this will be the longest I have stayed in one spot this trip, and I could do with the down time, not to mention not having to repackage my pack for 5 days!!

We head out next day to check out Aix en Provnce, it’s well known for its markets, so we head to check them out…..gourmet sausages, cheese, bread…..yummm, putting on weight just looking at all of this food.

It was a hot day and poor Luca was getting tired and so wanted to be carried the last bit back to the car.

On another day we did a trip to Pont Du Gard an ancient Roman aqueduct built in the 1sr century and is part of the Nimes aqueduct that is 50km long. Wow it was rather amazing, you could also swim in the river running underneath it.  First pic was by our 5 and 11 month old photographer.

While driving we crossed a bridge in one of the towns we drove through and all these people where looking over it into the river, just managed to see as we drove by, a group of cowboys on horses where rounding up some Bulls along the river bed…..yep not seen that before.

Be rude to visit the south of France and not go to the beach, we drove to Cassis beach, yep the Mediterranean Sea is beautiful, still don’t like rock beaches, but sun, water and a picnic…..pretty hard to complain. 

 Luca’s swimming has improved in leaps and bounds this trip with all his time in the pool, so was great to watch him swim in the medeterainan sea, lucky kid I didn’t get to do that until my mid 20’s….so obviously this was also my fist swim in the med….lol

Needless to say we spent time by the pool at our apartment…….these moments make the tough days of traveling all worth it, reading a book by the pool, watching Luca master his swimming and playing Uno with him, such great memories.

We spent most nights relaxing at home with cheese and meat boards, wine, beer and our final bottle of champagne.  Oh and of course I was updating my blog, below is my set up, red wine, small piece of nougat and my iPad, beats some other spots I’ve done my blog, like this one I’m currently in an airport departure lounge! (I am wearing a strapless dress, I don’t write my blogs in the nude….well not all of them anyway, especially this one in the airport, lol)

Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to Claudia and Luca, so we head out for one last meal together.  Claudia and I had agreed we would both try escargot on this trip, so tonight’s the night, we prepared Luca for this and hoped he’d also try…..and he did, not a second of hesitation….and he loved it, so too did we.

I dropped them off at the train station the next morning as they headed off to Paris, sad to say goodbye, cuddles from Luca and one last run back to the car to wave again……so georgous, going to miss them, but my next adventure awaits, Nice.  Some mixed emotions with heading there not long after the attack, but as cliche as it sounds, can’t let terrorism win!


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