French Riviera – Nice and Monaco

Mmmm drive to Nice all good, returning rental….insane, first finding a petrol station, right found one….20 mins and three pumps later got petrol, right then I thought I’d drop bags at hotel, mmmm lots of one way streets and I pretty sure I took the same tunnel 3 times looking for a car spot near hotel, gave up and then headed to return car……illegal turn to reach destination after missing first time to find no where to actually park car again, but at rental return, that is stupid…..around the block AGAIN, illegal turn again and I just go into the parking lot near by, not a single sign anywhere, park car and walk to office.  Yep parked in correct spot, just need parking spot number…..a view signs would help people!!! 

Trek to my hotel carrying my pack, after entering Nice it took almost 2 hours to get to my hotel…..totally insane, but the adventures that travel brings. So bag dumped and off to explore Nice, headed into the old town first, very cute with narrow lanes and colorful buildings.

I then stumbled upon a church, popped in to quickly check it out, once I got in the church bells started to ring, but this wasnt the normal church bells sound, this was very slow and dramatic.  As this was ringing out I noticed a rememberence  book for the victims of the attack on Bastille day, I was reading the entries and with the bells in the back ground it made it very emotive.  Then the next thing a coffin is carried into the church followed by some grieving family.  Gosh, this is really somber in this church thinking of the victims and then seeing a funeral starting.  I not sure if it was a victim of the attack, but it struck me as really sad that only 6 people attending the funeral.  Needless to say I felt pretty emotional as I walked out that church.

Later that day I walked down along the Promenade Des Anglais, where the attack occurred, flowers, candles, pictures and kids toys where along the path in rememberence of the victims, wow this is a full on day. 

 I crossed the road and saw that a park and rotunda had been turned into a memorial park, the amount of flowers and messages was overwhelming, most difficult was the amount of kids toys…..gosh even as I write this I am getting emotional, it really was one of the saddest things I’ve seen. 

Wow, needing to change the pace here, and lucky for me, I found my now favourite ice ream shop and got my now favourite milk shake with chantilly cream.   

I continued to explore the city, really is lovely, a very strong police and military presence, but didn’t feel unsafe or any fear at all in the city.

Walked up to Castle Hill, which is atop a hill over looking the old town, the marina and the coast, was amazing views

Mmmmm think it might be a good day to go for a run, always helps clear the head, and makes me feel less guilty about all the yummy food and drinks I’ve been having in France.

Next day I caught the bus to Monaco, the helicopter was in for repairs, lol, it takes a very scenic road along the coast of the French Riviera, wow what a beautiful trip, we got caught in some traffic on the way, but with views like these it’s not an issue.

Money, money money….and mostly tourist tourist and tourists, but you could certainly see money here too, found my ride for the afternoon outside the Monte Carlo Casino, I leave the don’t touch sign on it cause all those pesky tourists want to take there photo with it.

Didn’t actually go into the casino, wasn’t open yet, plus seen one seen them all, well that’s what I’m going with as I couldn’t face walking all the way back to the other side of town later when it was open, plus not sure my rubber thongs would pass the dress code!!

Was a little underwhelmed with the harbor, I was imagining lots most expensive boats, but don’t get me wrong, it still had them, I just pictured more.

You get some great views from the old town, where you also see the Palace.  The guards seemed alittle more relaxed than the ones in Buckingham palace, they kind of just stood around, and looked casual as anything.

Walked around the old town. It was a lot smaller than the one in Nice and not as lovely, but still pretty.

Figured while I was in town I would do some shopping……mmm now how to get it home….cause that’s the only issue I have here, lol 

Was cool as you walked around town you can literally see the whole of the Grand Prix circuit, including the grid, finish line and course markings on the road.

Sad to be leaving France tomorrow, have really loved it here.  Next on the agenda is Dubrovnik……can’t wait!


One response to “French Riviera – Nice and Monaco

  1. Sue van Buuren

    Hi Renee, looking good. Glad you are having a great time. Dubrovnik is beautiful…enjoy!

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