Woo hoooo Kings Landing……aka Dubrovnik

Was sad to leave France after the most amazing 3 weeks, but a short hop, skip and two flights later i arrived in Dubrovnik, caught the bus from the airport to the old town……not a bad view at all.

Wow, I just walked through the gates of kings landing…..oh yeah aka Dubrovnik, omg this place is crazy busy with tourists.
Found Damian and headed to our apartment…..lots of stairs later….wow what a spot, this is the view from our apartment.

Wow, wow and wow, this place is simply amazing (if you ignore the swarms of tourists), the whole city is a living museum.

For those that have no idea why I am calling this place Kings Landing I’ll explain, it the location where many scenes are filmed in the tv show Game of Thrones, so being a fan of the show, I had to go in search of some of these locations.  Saw the stairs where Cersei started her walk of shame, the spot where Joffery got attacked by the towns people, the harbour area that was used in a number of different scenes, the stairs that was the entrance of Tyrion’s  brothel and the stairs where a local was speaking to the toe town folks about the king.

Many of the shops had GOT murchandise and had my photo with one of the main characters….John Snow, and then in another shop in the throne.  It’s hard not to see GOT stuff and locations all over the city, my biggest fear was that as I hadn’t seen the lastest season that I would have it spoiled by hearing what happened……some how I have managed to avoid this on social media, but might be a challenge to avoid here!

It’s hot here, like really hot, so after sight seeing we headed to the outside of the city walls and had a swim…..not a bad spot to swim at all.

As I just mentioned the old town is a walled city, so you can walk around the whole old town atop the city walls, wow this really was amazing, such great views of the town and the water.

Unfortunately I had food poisoning and spent the whole night being sick, so next day was a very slow start and tough to cope with the heat, so after a little more exploring of the old town and eating ice cream we headed to a beach not far outside the old town.  

Water is such a healing force, feeling much better now, time for a ice cold beer on the beach, not much room on the beach so people are pretty much on top of each other, do miss our large sandy beaches, but not complaining!

The old town has one Main Street from the main gate to the marina at the other end, such a beautiful marina with an amazing back drop.

Like most old towns it has a number of narrow streets, it’s hard to capture how cute these lanes are.

Such an amazing town have loved it here, next we head to the new marina to start our 8 days of sailing around the island of Croatia, yep life is tough, lol!


One response to “Woo hoooo Kings Landing……aka Dubrovnik

  1. Wow, wow, wow! So pretty! Now I am feeling a bit jealous, can’t wait to hear about sailing!

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