Sailing Croatia …..this is going to be a tuff week -part 1

So we picked up our yacht and fellow sailing companions in Dubrovnik, we first headed to the supermarket to get supplies… the busiest supermarket ever, I think took us almost and hour in the check out que.  But lots of food and plenty of alcohol later we loaded the yacht and started… 8 days of this is going to be amazing. 

Our first stop was Lopud where we anchored for the night, just arriving in time for sunset.  The next shot was the bay as we sailed out the nest morning. 

Sleeping on the yacht…..the cabin is tiny, I was on the top bunk… was ridiculously hot, I lasted about an hour before cracking it and moving my bed to on deck to sleep……omg so much better, only down side was waking to the blazing sun at 7:30am.  But this will be my bed for the week.

Next day we sailed (on motor as no wind) to mjlet, a national park with two beautiful lakes.  This was a really hard day on the water, it was really hot and no wind at all, so a very enjoyable dip in the water when we arrived was greatly needed and very refreshing.  

We then drove to see a cave on the other side of the island, Odysseus cave, was so blue, much bluer than it shows in the phtos, last one was taken under the water as I was swimming through the entrance of the cave.  You swam through the entrance to the other side of the cave where you sat in a spot open to the sky but only accessible via the water.

The scenery around the cave want too bad either.  Never to miss an opportunity, a local had built a make shift bar at the cave, not a bad spot for it.

That night we had a traditionally cooked dinner which was cooked under an iron bell with hot coals on top of it for 2 hours, we had octopus and lamb….best octopus I have ever had.

Next morning we walked through the town…..2 mins and we seen it, lol, one end of town had some Roman ruins along the waters edge.   Last pic is our yacht.

We then headed into the national park to the two lakes that you could walk around and also catch a ferry across them, only took 5 mins on the ferry, so not big lakes. The color of the water was just amazing.  

In the middle of one of the lakes was a church which was lovely to walk around and of course go for a swim.

That afternoon we set sail to Korcula, wind was low, but we did get the sails out and sailed for a bit, we all got to help out with the lines and sails.

Just stopped to get some petrol from a station on the waters edge.

That night we docked in Korcula and went for a walk around the old town.  The town has a street from the front gate through to the water, the streets on each side are curved on one side and straight on the other, the reason being straight to allow the cool winds off the water through, but to protect the town from the harsh winds on the other, pretty clever design.

This is also the birth place of Marco Polo, below was the house we grew up in, next to the church, heads of shops/restaurants all trying the incorporate macro polo into their establishment in some way or another.

Had dinner along the waterfront, was a lovely sunset, and then enjoyed some black risotto, wasn’t too bad, better than it looked, shit photo too doesn’t help, lol

Afterwards we went for some drinks, sitting in an outside bar and listening to a great trio of musicians in a garden bar.  Like screaming school girls we had our photo with the band, lol

Next morning as we set sail got some lovely views of the old town from the water, a really pretty place

Was a great day of sailing today, we all helped sail the yacht again and also we where lucky to have some dolphins swim along with our yacht, even the skipper was excited and videoed it.


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  1. Sue van Buuren

    Looks awesome.

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