Yep still doing it tough sailing in Croatia – part 2

After an amazing day of sailing and dolphins we anchored in a bay on the other side of the island from Hvar city near a town called Milna and had a few hours relaxing on the yacht and in the water.  Then we caught a boat directly to our restaurant for dinner…..arriving to the pier of the restaurant via boat is pretty cool, as to was the view while we ate our dinner.

We then taxied into Hvar town, first starting at the fort that overlooks the town and harbour, which offered some amazing views at sunset.

Hvar is one of the most expensive places in the islands and attracts the rich and famous, so of course we fitted in perfectly, lol.  Explored the town and saw some amazing mega yachts along with heaps of party sailing boats, they literally dock them next to each other so to get to the next boat you have to literally walk through the first boat docked on the marina, they have ten boats in a row, so nightmare if you are in the last boat.

Was a very cute little town, would have loved to explore it during the day time, but was very lively and cool to walk through in the evening. 

Next day we sailed to Vis, we where docked along the main promenade, great location to people watch and also to be people watched!!

We had to race to get into port so that we would get a spot, which we did, which meant we didn’t stop for a swim on the way, so we walked about 15 mins out of town to the beach……large uncomfortable pebbles, I miss sand at the beach.

We then went on a mini tour of the island with the craziest tour guide ever….the guy didn’t stop talking, literally didn’t stop.  He was like the energizer bunny, just jumped around from one story to the next, forgetting what he was talking about after side tracking himself, but besides his craziness, we did see some cool sites.  First one was the tunnels built during Second World War. Along with a submarine tunnel used to hide and repair submarines and also other boats.

Then we visited a little town called Komiza its famous for having the world record for the most boats per person, literally boats everywhere, including these really cool old fishing boats.

Of course it was a rather hot day, so best we stopped for ice cream and a pic with the guide.

Back on our yacht and our skipper had cooked us up a 3 course dinner…..he was a pretty good cook too.

The night continued well into the early hours, it even included a salsa lesson I gave to the boys on the marina….great night!!

Some heavy heads the next morning we set sail to our own private bay on the other side of the island, but once the wind picked up and we got the sails out again, we all pecked up, our skipper even let some of us actually steer the yacht ( I think the term is take the helm, but I’m no expert, I’ve just been soaking up the sun and doing what I’m told when we set the sails), but have to admit was pretty cool fun being in control of the yacht.  Damian had an even bigger smile on his face while he had was at the helm.

We arrived at our private bay, however, not long after we arrived another boat sailed in and anchored…..doh, oh well guess we can share.  Didn’t let that stop us from enjoying the quiet bay.  It’s got to be done, photos of oneself jumping off the yacht.

Was so nice to be anchored in a small bay as meant we had no lights around so the stars where just amazing….shooting stars where just dancing across the nights sky.
Next morning after the routine dip in the ocean before b’fast, we headed to our final port and night of the trip in Split.  On our way stopping at what our skipper promised to be a sandy beach. We anchored off shore and had to swim to get to the sand…..sorry correction small pebbles……disappointed it not sand, but was a lovely spot to hang out.

Sailed into split and docked at the marina….literally we are as far away from toilets and shower block as possible, so one last shower standing in a tiny bathroom, standing over the toilet it is and then a walk to town where our skipper took us on a tour of his home town.  

First stop was our final meal together at one of the popular restaurants in town.

Wow Split is beautiful, was dark by the time we got into the old town which is the old palace and my camera battery was dying so only got a few shots.

After tour we continued the tour into a few cool bars.

Like any good traveler, we then decided that we’d get some take always and head back to the yacht and continue the party. 

Many drinks and at about 3:30am we headed to bed, I started to set up my bed on deck, but had noticed a lightning storm in the distance, asked skipper if it might rain….mmmm should be ok he said….mmmm I not so sure.  Sat up watching the lightning for a bit then noticed it was getting closer and thunder was starting to be heard, then the wind picked up.  Next thing I know the skipper and I are literally battening down all the windows and preparing the yacht for a storm…..oh boy did a storm hit!!!  Needless to say I didn’t get to sleep on deck, in actual fact I didn’t really sleep at all, was stuck on the dinning tables bench seat, and besides how uncomfortable that was it was load and rocky and stuffy inside the yacht, so sadly not the best way to end our trip, but certainly was a pretty cool experience.

A very tired group have our final photo and say our good byes the next morning.  What an amazing trip this has been, loved every second of it, simply beautiful, if you not done it already, I suggest adding to your bucket list.


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