Bled in Slovenia……simply stunning!

Omg slept like a log last night, was so nice to have a full size bed, even if it was a single.

We are staying in an old parish house that has been converted into a B&B, really cute place, right next to the church.

We head down to the lake, wow, this place is stunning.  After a brief walk around the lake we decide to hire bikes and ride the whole way around, about 6km.  We stopped so often to admire the lake and the castle perched high on a cliff overlooking the town and lake that we may as well have been waking instead of riding, but it was lovely to be on a bike again.

In the afternoon we hired stand up paddle boards and paddled out to the church on an island in the middle of the lake.

That night we checked out a music festival, the guest performer was a band from Turkey…..mmmmm some of the songs didn’t sound great, but they also had some food stalls and bars set up so we figured we’d get some dinner and listen anyway.  Had a traditional Slovenian sausage called Carniolan, was pretty yummy….as too the moijio.

After we ate we walked around town checking out the building all lit up, not the best photo but you get the idea.  

We ended up back hear the concert….mmm the music has kind of improved so we headed in a listened for a bit.  Was a very mixed group in the band, but they sounded really good, playing some traditional Turkish instruments with electronic music mixed in.

Next day we headed to Vintgar Gorge which is just out of town, my turn to drive the BMW today…..woo hoo to tiny one lane narrow country roads and flying around them, oh and also reversing back up them to allow oncoming traffic through, the countryside on route was just stunning.

The gorge is 1.6km long with an elevated waking track taking you through it and offering picture perfect views around each corner.

Not one to miss out of trying a local traditional dish……I stopped at the top spot in Bled to buy cream slice….it originated in Bled, it’s very similar to our vanilla slice……it was amazing.

Slovenia is well known for its mountains and its caves, you can see the amazing mountings in the back ground of these photos that we took from a look out in Bled, we had to hike up a rather steep rocky trail but was worth it to get this amazing view over the lake.

Next we leave beautiful Bled and drive to Lubijana.


2 responses to “Bled in Slovenia……simply stunning!

  1. Geoff

    oh…I loved Solvenia…it’s gorgeous! Must admit, I missed some of these places you went to….but I did have an Ummpah band making a music video clip around lake Bled as a backdrop!

  2. Sue van Buuren

    Beautiful! Enjoy Ljubljana!

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