Caves and Lubijana old town

Next we headed towards Lubijana and the Postojna Caves. We quickly did the castle nearby, it was pretty amazing as it had been built into the mountain, as you walked around it on the inside you could see where they had built into and around the mountain.

Next, and the main reason for our visit was the cave……..omg, wow, amazing, wow, this is by far the largest and most impressive cave I have ever seen. It’s hard to capture the scale in the photos, the cave is approximate 24km long, and is a constant 10 degrees with very high humidity. You catch a train into the caves which takes you in and out of tunnels through open areas of the cave, just amazing. Then we get off train and walk through a series of passages that lead to huge areas filled with stalactites and stalagmites, which where amazing.

We some how managed to be first out of the cave, quick photo with no one else in it, lol

We stayed in Lubijana that night, and went out for a few drinks and dinner.

Next morning we had a few hours to explore Lubijana before we had to catch a flight back to London.We started with the Castle, to be honest I was very underwhelmed, but it did give great view of the town.

It is a cute little town, and the more I explored it the more I liked it.

Am writing this post on my flight back to London, my trip is very much nearing the end, after tonight in London, I start my Asia stop overs on my way back home….only 10 days left, am starting to feel really sad my trip is almost over, but looking forward to seeing everyone again….but that’s all in 10 days time….next stop is Dubai


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