And so the journey home starts – all be it a 10 day journey 

One last night in London, was a pretty quick stop over but did manage to go to one of my favourite restaurants from when I used to live in London. Oh and lucky enough to have a bottle of Vintage Dom Perignon to help with the farewells to Europe.

First stop on my return journey was Dubai, now I was well aware and prepared for the heat, but nothing can prepare you……omg it was hot and extremely high humidity, was 38 degrees at midnight when I arrived.  Wow air con manufactures must be as rich as an oil baron.

Got in pretty late but was pretty happy with my upgrade at my hotel.  Not a bad view from my room either.

Had a lazy morning before heading out to hop from air con to air con, first stop was just near my hotel, Dubai mall.  They love shopping here, literally ever where is a shopping center, and they are huge.  Dubai mall had an aquarium and ice skating rink in it.  It’s the biggest shopping center in the world…..hang on…….all the shopping centers have some statistic that they tell you that makes them the biggest in the world….either most visited, most shops/entertainment, biggest area etc, but they are pretty big.  It also had an area designed to look like a souk and another to look like outdoor shopping street and just normal shopping mall areas too.

It’s right at the base of the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa, they do seem to like to top lists here, it’s actually hard to get the whole thing into one photo.

In the afternoon I went on a 4wd adventure into the desert…..was awesome fun flying around the sand dunes in a 4wd, of course it was air conditioned.

After that we had dinner in a camp set up in the desert, totally touristic, but had some traditional food and dancing so was pretty good, was hot sitting out in the desert in the evening, but also better than during the day

Once back in town I went over to the Dubai Mall to see the fountains, they do a light and sound show in the evenings.

Afterwards I was approached by a man who seemed normal enough, until he started with how beautiful my eyes where….mmm ok, I got to go now, but we have meet for a reason, I want to spend more time with you, can I have your contact details……..mmmmmm no we just meet and I not interested, but I could come visit you in Australia……ok I really would like to go now, he grabs my hands and ‘dreamingly’ stars into my eyes….”wow they are just beautiful”, oh please I wasn’t born yesterday,  am going now, thanks bye!

Next day I decided to do the hop on hop off buses around Dubai, I’ve actually never done one of these before, but figured the heat of Dubai made it literally impossible to be outside let alone walk around, so now was as good a time to pop my cherry as any.  Wasnt too bad, hard to get good pics from inside the air conditioned comfort of the bus, but did see and learn a lot about Dubai.

Only had the day as flying out early evening so I couldn’t really stop at all the different points so I picked some to stop at, first was the Atlantis Hotel, which is on the Palm island.  

Inside you cant really access much, it’s all for hotel guests, but I did go into the aquarium, wasn’t huge, but boy did they have a lot of fish.  I found I was both enjoying it and feeling sad at the same time, the amount of fish they had and in the tanks they had them was impressive, but then I couldn’t help think those poor fish in such small tanks compared to the ocean.

Next stop was the Gold Souk, it was Friday which is a religious day in UAE so most shops closed and not many people around, but that didn’t stop the shop keepers all approaching me and asking if I want to buy handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, scarfs, watches, gold, silver,  come into my store lady and look, I think in the 15 mins I walked around I was asked this about 30 times….it gets very annoying, but that’s what the souks are about.

The Dubai creek is an importent part of Dubai, with these boats being loaded with stock and shipped overseas.

One of the other famous buildings here is Burj Al Arab, it’s close to a beach, but was way too hot to visit, but did get a good view of the beautiful white sands here, can see this would be lovely when it’s not so hot and humid.

Back to hotel and freshen up, got a night flight to Singapore tonight, second last destination on my trip.


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