Singapore in style!!

 In a crazy coincidence Damian and I had the same flight from Dubai to Singapore, so caught up with Damian again at the airport, even more crazy was the airline put us one row apart…..computers know everything!!!!

Wanted to finish off my trip with a bit of luxury, so 5 star hotel it was to be. Not disappointed in our hotel at all.  We checked in feeling rather tired after minimal sleep on our overnight flight, as we waited she handed us a card and said you have access to the executive lounge……yeah cool ok, I start reading the card, it says “unlimited alcoholic drinks between 6-8″……..I’ve not slept much so I refer to Damian…….how would you read this…….he also a bit tired but we both thinking free drinks……for two hours……unlimited…….nah we are just over tired, we must be misreading this.  I ask the girl at the hotel…….yep not dreaming, it’s a very happy hour of free drinks for two hours. Oh yeah!!!  

View from our room was pretty impressive over looking Clarke Quay and our lovely swimming pool.

We had a much needed nap then head out to explore Singapore.  We first head to Chinatown for some food….and of course a nice cold beer.

At 6 we figure we had better go check out this executive lounge and free drinks situation……still unsure what this will include we thinking just beer and wine…..oh wow, it on the second top floor of the hotel and has the most amazing view.

But more importantly, it’s got a full selection of basic spirits as well as wine and beer…..yep I know where we will be from 6-8 the next 3 days.  Plus, as if a plus was needed……we also have a wide spread of food…….yep this is doing it in style!!

Later that night we head out to catch up with a friend of mine who is also visiting Singapore.  Time for a Singapore sling….I liked it!!

Next day we walk along the waterfront towards Marina Bay and Marina Bay Sands.  I was always not the biggest fan of the Marina Bay Sands, it’s a weird looking building, but I have to admit it is better in person.

We then headed over to the Gardens by the bay, a beautiful gardens with some lovely tree tower things along with great views of the Singapore Flyer

Next to the gardens are the Flower dome and Cloud Forest Dome, both indoor and air conditioned, first was the flower dome, it had heaps of orchids, and gardens from all over the world, even Australia, along with some very cool sculptures.

Next into the cloud forest, it had a cool waterfall and walk way that wound down the waterfall.

We then went up to the viewing deck on the Marina Bay Sands Skypark, great views over Singapore, most of the deck is for hotel guests only….including an infinity pool….at over $1,000 a night, I’ll just have to look on with envy.  First picture shows the gardens and the domes we just saw. In the second you can see the F1 circuit, which looks like its perminately set up for that particular section.

Needless to say we enjoyed the free drinks and snacks of our executive lounge again tonight, afterwards we decided we needed to make use of our pool so we went down for a swim and had drinks by the pool for the rest of the night…..yep living the life!

Next morning, feeling sorry for the amount of drinks by the pool….always easy to just charge to the room and worry about payment when you leave, we headed to Orchard road and little India.  Orchard road is famous for its shopping, but Singapore is not cheap to shop so looking was all we did, oh and a few silly photos along the way.

We stopped at a hawker market that one of the staff had recommended to us as one that mainly locals go to, it was hot, busy and smelt amazing, food was cheap as and delicious.

That afternoon we spent soaking up the sun and constantly dipping into the pool, along with one last night in our executive lounge.  After drinks we went back to the gardens by the bay to watch a light show they have on the tower tree things, was pretty cool set to classic old school songs.  

Was hard to get a good picture during the show, so took some more afterwards.

We then headed to a local hawker market to have the famous satay sticks……..yummmm

Next morning I had an early start as I was flying to the final destination of my trip Kuala Lumpur.



3 responses to “Singapore in style!!

  1. Peter Dyer

    Hey Renee, Glad you’re loving Singapore!! Can’t believe you’ve not had club lounge access before. Some are better than others. Most of the ones in the US don’t give free alcohol because it’s against the law (depends on the state). Here in Australia, it’s usually free pour any alcohol you want just like an airport club lounge with spirits and mixes included. Best one I had was in Santiago at the InterContinental. They had free drinks until 11pm, but the staff left at closing time and told us to let ourselves out whenever we were ready. We were smashed every night! Top quality Chilean wines too. Thanks for all the updates, it’s been awesome following your travels. Cheers, Peter.

  2. Wow, can’t believe it’s almost over! Have loved ‘travelling’ with you. One day I will get to those gardens in Singapore – amazing!

    • Me either, it feels like it’s flown, but then when I think back to things I did at the start of the trip, they feel like ages ago. Hope all is going well and I will look at coming to visit you guys soon xxx

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