KL – towers, food and pool time!

Well I am in the final stop on my trip, Kuala Lumpur, not sure where 15 weeks have gone, but at the same time it feels like forever ago that I landed in LA.  First priority is food, ok it’s always my first priority.  head towards Bukt Bintang area, shopping, shopping and yet more shopping, I literally can’t fit another thing into my backpack, and if I get another suitcase, I’ll just feel the need to fill it, lol.  Found a hawker market in the basement of the Lot 10 building and had what the sign said are famous Penang fried kuey teow….was yumm, and cost about $3….bargain.

The area is crazy busy, not helped by huge road works.

Went into the shopping centers, mainly to cool off.  It was Fashion Week here at the moment so within one of the shopping centers they had a fashion show.

Was kind of wondering aimlessly, as I hadn’t really worked out where to go as yet, but I stumbled upon a street not far from my hotel that is known as food street, as it is full of street venders….oh yeah, I’ll be coming back here to eat for sure. 

It’s durian season, a very smelly fruit, lots of places have signs signing ‘no durians’ as its that smelly.  Lots of stalls where selling it, and people where eating it with gloves on, I was tempted to try, but just didn’t get around to it….other much yummier food was my priority.

Some festival was occurring down one end of the road, you just got to love the chinese Dragons.  Also in the next picture it’s clear no such thing as OH&S as this guy is standing on a huge stack of chairs and is pouring fuel over the top of the poles.  They later set the tops alight.  No idea what it all was about, but was cool to watch.

Next morning I had a mission……see the tower and eat lots of yummy food, simple!  So I had laksa for b’fast…..ok different, but it tasted great so who cares, lol.

Walked past the KL Tower on my way to the Petronas Towers, yeah looks ok, but I’m looking for the main event here.

Had a few glimpses as I approached, then walked through the shopping Centre at the bottom…….ohhh yeah, air conditioning was nice, but back to my mission…..walk outside and look up……job done, too easy.

As I walked back to the shops, I was approached by a guy asking to take MY photo….I deflected and said sure I’ll take a photo of YOU….mmm not what he expected.  I handed him back his phone and walked off.  A few mins later he approached me again and said ‘where you going’, I said the shops, he then said ‘you are so beautiful’, ok thanks, then his next comment was unbelievable……’come back to my hotel’………I was on top of this straight away, as apposed to my slight stalker in Dubai, I simply said, I was meeting my boyfriend at the shops…..not sure he believed me, but that got rid of him at least….I mean seriously WTF!!

Ok now it’s time for lunch…..so happy to see one of my favourite dumpling restaurants Ding Tai Fung, they have one in Melbourne now, so doesn’t feel as special to go overseas, but wasn’t going to let that stop me

That night I headed out to have some drinks.  first stop was a bar on top of a heli pad, yep, you literally sit on the heli pad atop one of the city buildings.  I got there and was walking around the heli pad and no spare seats, mmmm no fun drinking a pint standing by yourself, then suddenly a table in prime viewing position emptied up, I crabbed it.  As it was a table for 6, so had some locals join me, really lovely chatting to them and admiring the view.

Next of course was the Petronas Towers at night…..so beautiful, they have a light and sound water fountain as well.

Next on the drinks with views list was the Sky Bar on top of the Traders Hotel.  Wow impressive, but the huge pool kind of gets in the way.

I was at the bar looking at the cocktails list when the girl next to me told me it was ladies night…..which means free coctails!!!  Yep I’ll give that a go, lol.  she was an Aussie and she invited me to join her and some fellow travelers for drinks, had a great time, much better than on my own!  They heading to another bar next, but I still needed dinner, so I stopped at food street and got some pad Thai….oh and a beer!

I then meetup with the girls again at another bar, and it was ladies night again, so drinks free again…..not sure how strong these free drinks are, but hey why not!!

Sore head the next day, mmmm maybe some alcohol in them free drinks after all, agenda today was simple anyway, spend time by the pool.

By about 3 the sun was hidden by a building so I figured I’d go explore some more of KL, and eat some more too, lol.  Headed over to china town, they have a huge flea market here, it’s crazy busy and loud, same as most markets in Asia.

I then explored some other areas of KL, Masjid Jamek and Merdeka Square.

Aparently this is the most photographed place in kl….mmmm I think not, but got a photo anyway, well maybe it is then, lol

Walking back to my hotel I was feeling rather hot and sweaty and thought gee a drink be nice right now….well look here, it’s happy hour, what you want me to pay for my drink…..mmmmm no executive lounge, no ladies night, but it’s only $3 for a moijio……ok then, if I must!


Mmmmmm, what to do for dinner…..yep dumplings it is, saw these the other night and really wanted to go back and try them.

Also wanted to try the coconut and coconut ice cream……yep not disappointed on either.

Mmmm wake up, it’s the last day of my holiday…..lucky for me I get to spend it next to the pool.

Wow, 15 countries, 107 days, 47 cities/towns, 16 flights, numerous buses and trains……lets just say I lost track of  alcoholic  drinks a while ago, it’s all come to an end, I am currently sitting at the airport, about to board my flight home.  Feels like the trip has flown, I’ve had the most amazing time, met some of the most amazing people, caught up and travelled with some awesome friends and am sad it’s all over, but I am actually looking forward to coming home and seeing everyone…..but I am expecting a HUGE case of the post holiday blues!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog, it takes time to do it, but I know lots of you enjoy reading it, as do I once I am back in reality, lol

See you all very soon xxxxx


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