KL – towers, food and pool time!

Well I am in the final stop on my trip, Kuala Lumpur, not sure where 15 weeks have gone, but at the same time it feels like forever ago that I landed in LA.  First priority is food, ok it’s always my first priority.  head towards Bukt Bintang area, shopping, shopping and yet more shopping, I literally can’t fit another thing into my backpack, and if I get another suitcase, I’ll just feel the need to fill it, lol.  Found a hawker market in the basement of the Lot 10 building and had what the sign said are famous Penang fried kuey teow….was yumm, and cost about $3….bargain.

The area is crazy busy, not helped by huge road works.

Went into the shopping centers, mainly to cool off.  It was Fashion Week here at the moment so within one of the shopping centers they had a fashion show.

Was kind of wondering aimlessly, as I hadn’t really worked out where to go as yet, but I stumbled upon a street not far from my hotel that is known as food street, as it is full of street venders….oh yeah, I’ll be coming back here to eat for sure. 

It’s durian season, a very smelly fruit, lots of places have signs signing ‘no durians’ as its that smelly.  Lots of stalls where selling it, and people where eating it with gloves on, I was tempted to try, but just didn’t get around to it….other much yummier food was my priority.

Some festival was occurring down one end of the road, you just got to love the chinese Dragons.  Also in the next picture it’s clear no such thing as OH&S as this guy is standing on a huge stack of chairs and is pouring fuel over the top of the poles.  They later set the tops alight.  No idea what it all was about, but was cool to watch.

Next morning I had a mission……see the tower and eat lots of yummy food, simple!  So I had laksa for b’fast…..ok different, but it tasted great so who cares, lol.

Walked past the KL Tower on my way to the Petronas Towers, yeah looks ok, but I’m looking for the main event here.

Had a few glimpses as I approached, then walked through the shopping Centre at the bottom…….ohhh yeah, air conditioning was nice, but back to my mission…..walk outside and look up……job done, too easy.

As I walked back to the shops, I was approached by a guy asking to take MY photo….I deflected and said sure I’ll take a photo of YOU….mmm not what he expected.  I handed him back his phone and walked off.  A few mins later he approached me again and said ‘where you going’, I said the shops, he then said ‘you are so beautiful’, ok thanks, then his next comment was unbelievable……’come back to my hotel’………I was on top of this straight away, as apposed to my slight stalker in Dubai, I simply said, I was meeting my boyfriend at the shops…..not sure he believed me, but that got rid of him at least….I mean seriously WTF!!

Ok now it’s time for lunch…..so happy to see one of my favourite dumpling restaurants Ding Tai Fung, they have one in Melbourne now, so doesn’t feel as special to go overseas, but wasn’t going to let that stop me

That night I headed out to have some drinks.  first stop was a bar on top of a heli pad, yep, you literally sit on the heli pad atop one of the city buildings.  I got there and was walking around the heli pad and no spare seats, mmmm no fun drinking a pint standing by yourself, then suddenly a table in prime viewing position emptied up, I crabbed it.  As it was a table for 6, so had some locals join me, really lovely chatting to them and admiring the view.

Next of course was the Petronas Towers at night…..so beautiful, they have a light and sound water fountain as well.

Next on the drinks with views list was the Sky Bar on top of the Traders Hotel.  Wow impressive, but the huge pool kind of gets in the way.

I was at the bar looking at the cocktails list when the girl next to me told me it was ladies night…..which means free coctails!!!  Yep I’ll give that a go, lol.  she was an Aussie and she invited me to join her and some fellow travelers for drinks, had a great time, much better than on my own!  They heading to another bar next, but I still needed dinner, so I stopped at food street and got some pad Thai….oh and a beer!

I then meetup with the girls again at another bar, and it was ladies night again, so drinks free again…..not sure how strong these free drinks are, but hey why not!!

Sore head the next day, mmmm maybe some alcohol in them free drinks after all, agenda today was simple anyway, spend time by the pool.

By about 3 the sun was hidden by a building so I figured I’d go explore some more of KL, and eat some more too, lol.  Headed over to china town, they have a huge flea market here, it’s crazy busy and loud, same as most markets in Asia.

I then explored some other areas of KL, Masjid Jamek and Merdeka Square.

Aparently this is the most photographed place in kl….mmmm I think not, but got a photo anyway, well maybe it is then, lol

Walking back to my hotel I was feeling rather hot and sweaty and thought gee a drink be nice right now….well look here, it’s happy hour, what you want me to pay for my drink…..mmmmm no executive lounge, no ladies night, but it’s only $3 for a moijio……ok then, if I must!


Mmmmmm, what to do for dinner…..yep dumplings it is, saw these the other night and really wanted to go back and try them.

Also wanted to try the coconut and coconut ice cream……yep not disappointed on either.

Mmmm wake up, it’s the last day of my holiday…..lucky for me I get to spend it next to the pool.

Wow, 15 countries, 107 days, 47 cities/towns, 16 flights, numerous buses and trains……lets just say I lost track of  alcoholic  drinks a while ago, it’s all come to an end, I am currently sitting at the airport, about to board my flight home.  Feels like the trip has flown, I’ve had the most amazing time, met some of the most amazing people, caught up and travelled with some awesome friends and am sad it’s all over, but I am actually looking forward to coming home and seeing everyone…..but I am expecting a HUGE case of the post holiday blues!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog, it takes time to do it, but I know lots of you enjoy reading it, as do I once I am back in reality, lol

See you all very soon xxxxx


Singapore in style!!

 In a crazy coincidence Damian and I had the same flight from Dubai to Singapore, so caught up with Damian again at the airport, even more crazy was the airline put us one row apart…..computers know everything!!!!

Wanted to finish off my trip with a bit of luxury, so 5 star hotel it was to be. Not disappointed in our hotel at all.  We checked in feeling rather tired after minimal sleep on our overnight flight, as we waited she handed us a card and said you have access to the executive lounge……yeah cool ok, I start reading the card, it says “unlimited alcoholic drinks between 6-8″……..I’ve not slept much so I refer to Damian…….how would you read this…….he also a bit tired but we both thinking free drinks……for two hours……unlimited…….nah we are just over tired, we must be misreading this.  I ask the girl at the hotel…….yep not dreaming, it’s a very happy hour of free drinks for two hours. Oh yeah!!!  

View from our room was pretty impressive over looking Clarke Quay and our lovely swimming pool.

We had a much needed nap then head out to explore Singapore.  We first head to Chinatown for some food….and of course a nice cold beer.

At 6 we figure we had better go check out this executive lounge and free drinks situation……still unsure what this will include we thinking just beer and wine…..oh wow, it on the second top floor of the hotel and has the most amazing view.

But more importantly, it’s got a full selection of basic spirits as well as wine and beer…..yep I know where we will be from 6-8 the next 3 days.  Plus, as if a plus was needed……we also have a wide spread of food…….yep this is doing it in style!!

Later that night we head out to catch up with a friend of mine who is also visiting Singapore.  Time for a Singapore sling….I liked it!!

Next day we walk along the waterfront towards Marina Bay and Marina Bay Sands.  I was always not the biggest fan of the Marina Bay Sands, it’s a weird looking building, but I have to admit it is better in person.

We then headed over to the Gardens by the bay, a beautiful gardens with some lovely tree tower things along with great views of the Singapore Flyer

Next to the gardens are the Flower dome and Cloud Forest Dome, both indoor and air conditioned, first was the flower dome, it had heaps of orchids, and gardens from all over the world, even Australia, along with some very cool sculptures.

Next into the cloud forest, it had a cool waterfall and walk way that wound down the waterfall.

We then went up to the viewing deck on the Marina Bay Sands Skypark, great views over Singapore, most of the deck is for hotel guests only….including an infinity pool….at over $1,000 a night, I’ll just have to look on with envy.  First picture shows the gardens and the domes we just saw. In the second you can see the F1 circuit, which looks like its perminately set up for that particular section.

Needless to say we enjoyed the free drinks and snacks of our executive lounge again tonight, afterwards we decided we needed to make use of our pool so we went down for a swim and had drinks by the pool for the rest of the night…..yep living the life!

Next morning, feeling sorry for the amount of drinks by the pool….always easy to just charge to the room and worry about payment when you leave, we headed to Orchard road and little India.  Orchard road is famous for its shopping, but Singapore is not cheap to shop so looking was all we did, oh and a few silly photos along the way.

We stopped at a hawker market that one of the staff had recommended to us as one that mainly locals go to, it was hot, busy and smelt amazing, food was cheap as and delicious.

That afternoon we spent soaking up the sun and constantly dipping into the pool, along with one last night in our executive lounge.  After drinks we went back to the gardens by the bay to watch a light show they have on the tower tree things, was pretty cool set to classic old school songs.  

Was hard to get a good picture during the show, so took some more afterwards.

We then headed to a local hawker market to have the famous satay sticks……..yummmm

Next morning I had an early start as I was flying to the final destination of my trip Kuala Lumpur.


And so the journey home starts Рall be it a 10 day journey 

One last night in London, was a pretty quick stop over but did manage to go to one of my favourite restaurants from when I used to live in London. Oh and lucky enough to have a bottle of Vintage Dom Perignon to help with the farewells to Europe.

First stop on my return journey was Dubai, now I was well aware and prepared for the heat, but nothing can prepare you……omg it was hot and extremely high humidity, was 38 degrees at midnight when I arrived.  Wow air con manufactures must be as rich as an oil baron.

Got in pretty late but was pretty happy with my upgrade at my hotel.  Not a bad view from my room either.

Had a lazy morning before heading out to hop from air con to air con, first stop was just near my hotel, Dubai mall.  They love shopping here, literally ever where is a shopping center, and they are huge.  Dubai mall had an aquarium and ice skating rink in it.  It’s the biggest shopping center in the world…..hang on…….all the shopping centers have some statistic that they tell you that makes them the biggest in the world….either most visited, most shops/entertainment, biggest area etc, but they are pretty big.  It also had an area designed to look like a souk and another to look like outdoor shopping street and just normal shopping mall areas too.

It’s right at the base of the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa, they do seem to like to top lists here, it’s actually hard to get the whole thing into one photo.

In the afternoon I went on a 4wd adventure into the desert…..was awesome fun flying around the sand dunes in a 4wd, of course it was air conditioned.

After that we had dinner in a camp set up in the desert, totally touristic, but had some traditional food and dancing so was pretty good, was hot sitting out in the desert in the evening, but also better than during the day

Once back in town I went over to the Dubai Mall to see the fountains, they do a light and sound show in the evenings.

Afterwards I was approached by a man who seemed normal enough, until he started with how beautiful my eyes where….mmm ok, I got to go now, but we have meet for a reason, I want to spend more time with you, can I have your contact details……..mmmmmm no we just meet and I not interested, but I could come visit you in Australia……ok I really would like to go now, he grabs my hands and ‘dreamingly’ stars into my eyes….”wow they are just beautiful”, oh please I wasn’t born yesterday,  am going now, thanks bye!

Next day I decided to do the hop on hop off buses around Dubai, I’ve actually never done one of these before, but figured the heat of Dubai made it literally impossible to be outside let alone walk around, so now was as good a time to pop my cherry as any.  Wasnt too bad, hard to get good pics from inside the air conditioned comfort of the bus, but did see and learn a lot about Dubai.

Only had the day as flying out early evening so I couldn’t really stop at all the different points so I picked some to stop at, first was the Atlantis Hotel, which is on the Palm island.  

Inside you cant really access much, it’s all for hotel guests, but I did go into the aquarium, wasn’t huge, but boy did they have a lot of fish.  I found I was both enjoying it and feeling sad at the same time, the amount of fish they had and in the tanks they had them was impressive, but then I couldn’t help think those poor fish in such small tanks compared to the ocean.

Next stop was the Gold Souk, it was Friday which is a religious day in UAE so most shops closed and not many people around, but that didn’t stop the shop keepers all approaching me and asking if I want to buy handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, scarfs, watches, gold, silver,  come into my store lady and look, I think in the 15 mins I walked around I was asked this about 30 times….it gets very annoying, but that’s what the souks are about.

The Dubai creek is an importent part of Dubai, with these boats being loaded with stock and shipped overseas.

One of the other famous buildings here is Burj Al Arab, it’s close to a beach, but was way too hot to visit, but did get a good view of the beautiful white sands here, can see this would be lovely when it’s not so hot and humid.

Back to hotel and freshen up, got a night flight to Singapore tonight, second last destination on my trip.

Caves and Lubijana old town

Next we headed towards Lubijana and the Postojna Caves. We quickly did the castle nearby, it was pretty amazing as it had been built into the mountain, as you walked around it on the inside you could see where they had built into and around the mountain.

Next, and the main reason for our visit was the cave……..omg, wow, amazing, wow, this is by far the largest and most impressive cave I have ever seen. It’s hard to capture the scale in the photos, the cave is approximate 24km long, and is a constant 10 degrees with very high humidity. You catch a train into the caves which takes you in and out of tunnels through open areas of the cave, just amazing. Then we get off train and walk through a series of passages that lead to huge areas filled with stalactites and stalagmites, which where amazing.

We some how managed to be first out of the cave, quick photo with no one else in it, lol

We stayed in Lubijana that night, and went out for a few drinks and dinner.

Next morning we had a few hours to explore Lubijana before we had to catch a flight back to London.We started with the Castle, to be honest I was very underwhelmed, but it did give great view of the town.

It is a cute little town, and the more I explored it the more I liked it.

Am writing this post on my flight back to London, my trip is very much nearing the end, after tonight in London, I start my Asia stop overs on my way back home….only 10 days left, am starting to feel really sad my trip is almost over, but looking forward to seeing everyone again….but that’s all in 10 days time….next stop is Dubai

Bled in Slovenia……simply stunning!

Omg slept like a log last night, was so nice to have a full size bed, even if it was a single.

We are staying in an old parish house that has been converted into a B&B, really cute place, right next to the church.

We head down to the lake, wow, this place is stunning.  After a brief walk around the lake we decide to hire bikes and ride the whole way around, about 6km.  We stopped so often to admire the lake and the castle perched high on a cliff overlooking the town and lake that we may as well have been waking instead of riding, but it was lovely to be on a bike again.

In the afternoon we hired stand up paddle boards and paddled out to the church on an island in the middle of the lake.

That night we checked out a music festival, the guest performer was a band from Turkey…..mmmmm some of the songs didn’t sound great, but they also had some food stalls and bars set up so we figured we’d get some dinner and listen anyway.  Had a traditional Slovenian sausage called Carniolan, was pretty yummy….as too the moijio.

After we ate we walked around town checking out the building all lit up, not the best photo but you get the idea.  

We ended up back hear the concert….mmm the music has kind of improved so we headed in a listened for a bit.  Was a very mixed group in the band, but they sounded really good, playing some traditional Turkish instruments with electronic music mixed in.

Next day we headed to Vintgar Gorge which is just out of town, my turn to drive the BMW today…..woo hoo to tiny one lane narrow country roads and flying around them, oh and also reversing back up them to allow oncoming traffic through, the countryside on route was just stunning.

The gorge is 1.6km long with an elevated waking track taking you through it and offering picture perfect views around each corner.

Not one to miss out of trying a local traditional dish……I stopped at the top spot in Bled to buy cream slice….it originated in Bled, it’s very similar to our vanilla slice……it was amazing.

Slovenia is well known for its mountains and its caves, you can see the amazing mountings in the back ground of these photos that we took from a look out in Bled, we had to hike up a rather steep rocky trail but was worth it to get this amazing view over the lake.

Next we leave beautiful Bled and drive to Lubijana.

Rain, rain, delay, delay…..then some beautiful lakes in Croatia

After leaving our beautiful home for the last 8 days on the yacht we headed to collect our rental car…..totally disorganized chaos, took forever to get our car, plus it was raining…..it was such a palava that we got upgraded to a BMW…..mmmm ok this isn’t too bad, but by the time we got the car we didn’t have time to check out Split in the day time as had to get going have a big drive ahead of us to Slovenia.  Oh well just means I will need to come back to Split one day…..gee such a shame, lol.

Our skipper told us to take a more scenic route up to the Plitvice Lakes, according to google maps only 15 mins different in driving time, so we figured why not…..i will tell you why not, trip should have taken 2& 1/2 hours but it took over 4, this meant we now had less time to explore the lakes, this day has not been going to plan at all.

The Plitvice Lakes are in the north of Croatia, they are a chain of 16 terraced lakes joined by waterfalls, so waterfalls and beautiful lakes around every corner, they have built a walk way that lows you to zig zag your way across the lakes so you are right in amongst them.   It was still very overcast from the rain that only stopped an hour before hand, so they don’t look as stunning as they would with a clear blue sky, but they where still amazing to walk through.

After a few hours at the lakes, you could literally spend a few days walking around the many trails here, we jumped back in the car and continued our journey towards Slovenia.  Crossed the boarder into Slovenia around the time we should have been arriving into Bled with still 3 hours to drive…..oh well what can you do but put on some tunes and relax, well I could as I wasn’t driving, lol.

We finally arrived into Bled at around 11pm, long day especially after a sleepless night on the yacht, can’t wait to wake up in the morning and check out Bled.

Yep still doing it tough sailing in Croatia – part 2

After an amazing day of sailing and dolphins we anchored in a bay on the other side of the island from Hvar city near a town called Milna and had a few hours relaxing on the yacht and in the water.  Then we caught a boat directly to our restaurant for dinner…..arriving to the pier of the restaurant via boat is pretty cool, as to was the view while we ate our dinner.

We then taxied into Hvar town, first starting at the fort that overlooks the town and harbour, which offered some amazing views at sunset.

Hvar is one of the most expensive places in the islands and attracts the rich and famous, so of course we fitted in perfectly, lol.  Explored the town and saw some amazing mega yachts along with heaps of party sailing boats, they literally dock them next to each other so to get to the next boat you have to literally walk through the first boat docked on the marina, they have ten boats in a row, so nightmare if you are in the last boat.

Was a very cute little town, would have loved to explore it during the day time, but was very lively and cool to walk through in the evening. 

Next day we sailed to Vis, we where docked along the main promenade, great location to people watch and also to be people watched!!

We had to race to get into port so that we would get a spot, which we did, which meant we didn’t stop for a swim on the way, so we walked about 15 mins out of town to the beach……large uncomfortable pebbles, I miss sand at the beach.

We then went on a mini tour of the island with the craziest tour guide ever….the guy didn’t stop talking, literally didn’t stop.  He was like the energizer bunny, just jumped around from one story to the next, forgetting what he was talking about after side tracking himself, but besides his craziness, we did see some cool sites.  First one was the tunnels built during Second World War. Along with a submarine tunnel used to hide and repair submarines and also other boats.

Then we visited a little town called Komiza its famous for having the world record for the most boats per person, literally boats everywhere, including these really cool old fishing boats.

Of course it was a rather hot day, so best we stopped for ice cream and a pic with the guide.

Back on our yacht and our skipper had cooked us up a 3 course dinner…..he was a pretty good cook too.

The night continued well into the early hours, it even included a salsa lesson I gave to the boys on the marina….great night!!

Some heavy heads the next morning we set sail to our own private bay on the other side of the island, but once the wind picked up and we got the sails out again, we all pecked up, our skipper even let some of us actually steer the yacht ( I think the term is take the helm, but I’m no expert, I’ve just been soaking up the sun and doing what I’m told when we set the sails), but have to admit was pretty cool fun being in control of the yacht.  Damian had an even bigger smile on his face while he had was at the helm.

We arrived at our private bay, however, not long after we arrived another boat sailed in and anchored…..doh, oh well guess we can share.  Didn’t let that stop us from enjoying the quiet bay.  It’s got to be done, photos of oneself jumping off the yacht.

Was so nice to be anchored in a small bay as meant we had no lights around so the stars where just amazing….shooting stars where just dancing across the nights sky.
Next morning after the routine dip in the ocean before b’fast, we headed to our final port and night of the trip in Split.  On our way stopping at what our skipper promised to be a sandy beach. We anchored off shore and had to swim to get to the sand…..sorry correction small pebbles……disappointed it not sand, but was a lovely spot to hang out.

Sailed into split and docked at the marina….literally we are as far away from toilets and shower block as possible, so one last shower standing in a tiny bathroom, standing over the toilet it is and then a walk to town where our skipper took us on a tour of his home town.  

First stop was our final meal together at one of the popular restaurants in town.

Wow Split is beautiful, was dark by the time we got into the old town which is the old palace and my camera battery was dying so only got a few shots.

After tour we continued the tour into a few cool bars.

Like any good traveler, we then decided that we’d get some take always and head back to the yacht and continue the party. 

Many drinks and at about 3:30am we headed to bed, I started to set up my bed on deck, but had noticed a lightning storm in the distance, asked skipper if it might rain….mmmm should be ok he said….mmmm I not so sure.  Sat up watching the lightning for a bit then noticed it was getting closer and thunder was starting to be heard, then the wind picked up.  Next thing I know the skipper and I are literally battening down all the windows and preparing the yacht for a storm…..oh boy did a storm hit!!!  Needless to say I didn’t get to sleep on deck, in actual fact I didn’t really sleep at all, was stuck on the dinning tables bench seat, and besides how uncomfortable that was it was load and rocky and stuffy inside the yacht, so sadly not the best way to end our trip, but certainly was a pretty cool experience.

A very tired group have our final photo and say our good byes the next morning.  What an amazing trip this has been, loved every second of it, simply beautiful, if you not done it already, I suggest adding to your bucket list.